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Barcode labeling can seem overly complicated and overwhelming. Sacrificing cost over quality can lead to poor label quality, damaged equipment, and costly fines. Barcodes are more than just ink on paper or buying a random printer and software package. Barcode labeling is a complete system that can help decrease costs, increase efficiency, and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Warehouse ADC Integration with Zebra

A proper barcode label helps you and your clients ensure compliance standards are met within industry standards while managing and tracking inventory from beginning to end.

Zebra Technologies and Imprint Enterprises are here to help you understand the 7 ways Zebra Certified Supplies can help you achieve your business goals, no matter your industry.

1 – Zebra Certified Supplies Stick to Surfaces

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Not all labels are equal in quality. Zebra guarantees the staying power of their labels, so labels don’t slide or peel during handling. Need something that can be easily removed? Zebra has that option too.

2 – Zebra Certified Supplies Averts Pricey Damage

Zebra uses non-abrasive label material that won’t scratch the printhead of your label printers. Zebra tests their labels across a wide range of printers and print speeds to ensure the labels meet their quality standards.


3 – Zebra Certified Supplies Lowers Expenses

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Zebra labels are designed to eliminate extra carrying costs, waste, and manual workarounds. You can order labels as you need them or set an automated restock before you run out.

4 – Zebra Certified Supplies Won’t Jam

Zebra supplies go through rigorous testing for consistent quality. The label rolls don’t squeeze out adhesive while printing, which can cause your printer to jam. This testing averts costly printing disruptions in your workplace.

5 – Zebra Certified Supplies Remain Legible

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The core function of a barcode label is to provide information on what a product is and where it goes. Zebra labels won’t fade, and the barcodes won’t rub off.

6 – Zebra Certified Supplies Work in Tough Environments

Zebra labels are tested in the harshest conditions, using specialized equipment to rate durability to outdoor elements, abrasion, harsh chemicals, and extreme temperatures. These labels can handle heat, cold, dust, and dampness.

7 – Zebra Certified Supplies Prevents Interruptions

Consistent materials mean not having to stop and adjust your printer settings for different label sensitivity. Productivity can increase with up to 40 hours per week saved in worker time, and printing time can be reduced by up to 15%.

The Quality You Want from the Experts You Need

Zebra Technologies is an expert in the barcoding technology field with their rigorous testing of their own products and is one of the largest converters of barcode labels in the USA. Customers who have switched from overengineered and underperforming labels to Zebra Certified Supplies have seen up to $800,000 in savings per year with 68% greater printing output.

A Premiere Solution Partner with Zebra, Imprint Enterprises has the specialists to help you determine what your business needs to step forward, while considering future possibilities. At Imprint, it is about the relationship, not the sale.

Whichever barcode design your company needs, it’s always best to consult with an expert that can help answer any questions you have on the use of the different barcode labels.

Download the Media & Supplies Catalog and Contact Imprint Enterprises today to discuss Zebra’s barcode labeling solutions that are best for you.