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Armor Ribbons Provide Superior Label Printing

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Printing labels are essential to the profitability of your
business. When creating on-demand labels using
high-quality printers, like Zebra or Honeywell printers,
you want to be able to read the print to ensure
deliverability. Details need to be printed and not
smudge or blur. They need to be sustainable in all
types of weather conditions and various degrees of
handling. You need something resistant to humidity,
solvents, temperature, and tension. If you need to
meet regulatory compliance or customer compliance,
it is critical that your labels and barcode scan. 

Armor Ribbons White Paper

Many ribbons appear to provide quality printing, but through handling or the transport process, they fail. When this happens, and the label is not clearly readable when the product is delivered, the entire shipment is returned. This causes a loss in profitability, increased labor, shipping, and product costs.

As a global distributor of label printers, Imprint provides Zebra printers using high-quality Armor ribbons as part of their thermal transfer printing process to ensure labels will be easy to read when they arrive at their destination. The bottom line is that they will save you money in the long run. Read our full Case Study For Quality.

Download the White Paper.