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ARMOR Thermal Transfer Ribbons

ARMOR is a leading provider of thermal transfer printing solutions that produce quality labels, barcodes, logos, and other items required by your operations. As ARMOR’s partner, Imprint Enterprises’ experienced staff can provide these state-of-the-art solutions to our customers.

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Components of Thermal Transfer Printing Solutions

Thermal transfer printing occurs when ink from the ribbon is transferred to the print media by heat from the print head. With different combinations of printers, ribbon, and media, the process can be used in applications in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, supply chain and logistics.

Thermal transfer printers often feature a rugged design and low maintenance requirements. Imprint Enterprises provides:

  • Compact printers for applications where space is limited and that require low print volumes.
  • Desktop printers for industrial environments that require high print quality and high print speeds.
  • Print-and-apply systems that integrate into a production line, usually affixing printed labels onto finished products, boxes, or pallets.

Print media is also an important component of your thermal transfer printing solution. Because thermal transfer printing solutions are so versatile, you can print on a wide range of media including vellum, coated paper, synthetics such as polyester or polypropylene, textiles, or flexible packaging.

The Benefits of ARMOR TT

There are a number of types of ARMOR TT inked rolls you can choose from that complement your printer and media type as well as your printing needs:

  • Wax range, which can be used with flat head printers and suitable for printing on paper labels.
  • Wax-resin, which print on a range of media from paper to synthetic, producing high quality, scratch resistant labels. They can be used with either flat head or corner edge/near edge print heads.
  • Resin, which provide resistance to temperature extremes and some solvents. There is a ribbon available for each print head type.

There are a wide range of benefits to choosing thermal transfer printing solutions from ARMOR:

  • Assistance with ribbon and media selection for optimal results
  • Thermal transfer ribbons produced in identical, repeatable processes for high quality product standards
  • Products from a company that places sustainable social and corporate, economic, and environmental development at the center of its strategy
  • ARMOR’s recent customer satisfaction rating is 96.9%

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Certifications and Warranties

The products recommended for this application are backed by at least one of the following certifications:

Certifications and Warranties
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