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Welcome to a new series of Webinars that help build up barcode concepts and related products, and the equipment and software used. The first in the series, Barcodes for Business – 101, highlights barcode creation, printing, and scanning with special guests from Zebra Enterprises and BarTender® creator, Seagull Scientific.

Video title card for the webinar

In this first of three Webinars, Bob Conti, President of Imprint Enterprises, Paul Cecchin, Senior Channel Manager with Zebra Technologies, and Lee Stevens Senior Sales Engineer with Seagull Scientific, discuss the basics of what the average barcode is, why barcodes are important, and how they’re created.

They finish this webinar discussing some of the products and materials that are used to improve the functionality and life of barcode labels, and why the ability to scan barcodes is important.

Read on for some of the topics addressed in this webinar replay or go directly to Barcodes for Business – 101 to watch it now.

What is a Barcode?

1D and 2D printed labels

The core function of a barcode label is to communicate information on what a product is and where it goes. As technology advances, more businesses are using barcodes as it is a quick and easy way to communicate information.

      • Lee discusses how unique identifiers encode information into a barcode strip, providing product information
      • Paul and Lee discuss how barcodes can be used

Why are Barcodes Important?

Barcodes provide accurate information in a timely manner for the appropriate actions to be taken. Barcodes are simple yet sophisticated, not to undermine the complexity of the software that can convert data into a barcode.

Warehuse team member using a handheld scanner
      • Lee discusses how the barcode converts information into action
      • Paul addresses inventory management

How are Barcodes Created?

Integrated Label Printing: Imprint Enterprises

Zebra Enterprises teams up with data creators like Seagull Scientific to create barcode labels that are encoded with the information needed. There are different forms of coding that are addressed in future webinars.

      • Paul addresses how barcode printing equipment and mobile computing products are better equipped to handle business needs than a run of the mill laser printer
          • Sense, Analyze, Act
      • Lee discusses the capabilities of the equipment used will impact the barcode label design
          • Size of the barcode impacts the size of the label
          • Industrial printing that runs 24/7 versus individual printing for grocery stores
          • The feedback loop

What Products and Materials are Used?

Your business environment can impact the type of products and materials that will best suit your needs. Zebra creates barcode products that can grow with your business and are better suited to industrial environments.

Warehuse team member using a handheld scanner
      • Bob discusses how Imprint can analyze your business needs to determine what would best suit your business
      • Printing on store bought sheet labels vs printing labels using barcoding equipment and software
      • Environmental impacts on different types of labels and equipment
          • Moisture
          • Adhesiveness
          • And more
      • Lee addresses how needing more than one form of label will impact your needs
      • Bob defines differences between
          • Thermal transfer and direct-thermal transfer materials
          • The three different types of ribbons involved in printing
          • Printing on paper verses a film

Why is Scanning Important?

Integrated Label Printing: Imprint Enterprises

Scanning barcode labels is how the information from a barcode label is accessed. Capturing the data requires having the proper equipment to do this successfully.

      • Good, Better, Best options
      • Paul discusses the use case of scanning equipment
      • The distance from the barcodes will impact the scanning equipment needed
      • Bob mentions how rules and regulations will impact how businesses use equipment

You do not need a special degree to understand the aspects of barcode labels and the related products and materials. Imprint Enterprises is a partner with both Zebra and Seagull Scientific and can help guide you through what your business needs today that can grow with you. There is a team of experts that understand the aspects of barcoding and can provide efficient solutions.

Watch the webinar Barcodes for Business – 101. The experts are there to help you understand the basics. If you have questions, you can always Contact Imprint Enterprises today.