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Is the barcoding or labeling software program that your organization uses overly complex or not even fully integrated into your business systems? Do the labels your system currently print last throughout the entire lifecycle of the label or meet every compliance requirement? Is your current labeling system set up with security measures with web integration?

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BarTender® is an all-in-one barcode software solution from Seagull Scientific that is simple and cost-effective. This software program makes it easy for businesses of all size to create, automate, and manage barcodes, labels, RFID tags, and more. BarTender® 2022 is the latest upgrade of a program that has been around for decades. It is a game changer with increased security, enhancements within the Print Station, Print Portal, and the BarTender® Cloud release. Deployment is easier than ever before.

Create any barcode label you need from any network printer or connection, or straight from the Cloud. 

BarTender® 2022 can help any organization on a local or global scale to better manage their labeling lifecycle, increase label quality, integrate with existing business systems, and improve reliability, traceability, and compliance. With this integrated and network connected software program, labels can be printed anywhere anytime, by anyone.

Improve the Lifecycle of Labels

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With BarTender® 2022, organizations can create and print more commercial-quality designs that also adhere to all brand, industry, and regulatory guidelines your organization might have. This enhances quality assurance and accelerates label production. Review and approve workflows and printing from any web browser on any device, anytime, anywhere, without risking security.

BarTender® 2022 can be easily integrated into any current labeling system or upgraded from any previous version of BarTender® using the existing code base. This smooth integration improves productivity and minimizes downtime, making deployment easier on your IT Department.

Compliance Labeling for Any Industry

From manufacturing, through supply chains, to business and/or consumer, BarTender® 2022 barcode labeling software can meet any compliance labeling requirement, now with updates for GS1 Version 21 and 22 specifications and RFID improvements:

      • Medical devices meet UDI compliance labeling
      • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare meet global serialization regulations
      • Automotive meets AIAG requirements for traceability
      • ANSI and ISO requirements are met for grading
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Whether it is a simple traceability requirement or a complex regulatory compliance code, this labeling software has flexible serialization to create the unique serial identifiers your organization needs to keep track of everything. And the information is saved directly into a BarTender® document, BarTender® Global Data Field, or into your own SQL-based database.

BarTender® Editions to Best Suite Your Business Needs

No matter how large or small your organization is, BarTender® has an edition that will best suit your needs. The options to choose from include the Cloud Edition, Professional Edition, Automation Edition, and Enterprise Edition.

The Cloud Edition provides a selection of barcode label templates without the hassles of managing the hardware and software to maintain a system. The Professional Edition can print from spreadsheets and databases and create forms for entering manual data faster. The Automation Edition combines forms, actions, and system integrations to build a powerful automated printing solution. The Enterprise Edition lets you manage, secure, and control your entire enterprise labeling system from one location or across multiple continents.

What you need all depends on what you are doing and if you are in one location or spread across multiple continents (among other factors). If your organization expands, you can easily update or upgrade your BarTender® system without any hidden costs or complexity of add-on products.

Updated Features for BarTender® 2022

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With the rise of omnichannel shopping and on-demand requests, it is important for businesses to keep up to date. BarTender® 2022 was developed based on technological advances and industry standards to help you keep up with these demands while maintaining top security and reliability. This update uses the existing code base from the previous version, which has been fully tested and supported.

BarTender® 2022 has new features and performance updates, including improvements to Print Station for dedicated local printing and expanding into Print Portal for secure printing anywhere, from any device across your facility. From improved enterprise database support to expanding into cloud deployment capabilities, the newest version can reduce overall IT deployment costs while improving security.

Print Portal has been improved and expanded into Professional and Automation editions, with streamlined functionality, one-click immediate printing capabilities, and more. The redesigned Print Station has the same responsive modern user interface, provides folder customization, can create custom corporate branding, and more.

BarTender® Cloud is secure, reliable, and scalable, using Amazon Web Services to print from a label template library. There are over 140 predesigned label templates with 2 unique label setups to enhance operations. There are no software or hardware requirements to use the Cloud option, offering a simple solution.

BarTender® 2022 Enhances Efficiency and Productivity

Why wouldn’t you want to increase productivity and speed efficiency by doing more in less time? The enhanced regulatory and compliance labeling programing can help reduce fees while also minimizing legal exposure.

BarTender® 2022 can meet any organization’s needs with multiple edition options to choose from: Cloud, Professional, Automation, or Enterprise. Get the label generating software that will enable you to create any type of label on-demand, across any location. And with the new BarTender® Cloud edition, creating and printing barcode labels is fast, secure, and efficient without being tied to a software or hardware system.

Enhance your BarTender® experience with the upgraded Print Portal, Print Station, and the mobile app. Explore your options with the new BarTender® Cloud deployment and expanded features in other Editions. Customize your user experience with greater options while making your barcode labels more efficiently.

Contact Imprint today to get you on your way to a more effective and efficient labeling software system.