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Welcome to the Honeywell webinar rundown, CW45 and 8675i – Mobile Power on Your Wrist & Fingers. In this webinar, Bob Conti, President of Imprint Enterprises, and Will Mobley, Product Marketing Manager at Honeywell, provide an overview of the benefits and options of wearable solutions that Honeywell offers.

Read on for highlights of the topics addressed in this webinar replay or go directly to CW45 and 8675i – Mobile Power on Your Wrist & Fingers to watch the replay.

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Create a winning wearable solution with Honeywell’s CW45 and 8675i that is flexible and future-forward and will allow your business to leverage technology in a new way that will improve user experience, efficiency, and workflows.

Honeywell’s Wearable Landscape

Honeywell 8675i delivery box being scanned

Wearable solutions are a growing need for different workflows and use cases in the warehouse and distribution space. The wearable market is strongly growing at a 12% rate. The global industrial wearables market size is expected to reach $8.4 billion by 2027. At that rate of growth, 90% of supply-chain decision-makers will invest in wearable technology by 2028.

Will provides an overview of the reasons why wearables are becoming a focus:

      • Younger workforce

      • Reduced training time

      • Enhanced safety

      • Improved efficiency

      • Increased productivity

      • User experience

      • Sustainability

Honeywell’s Wearable CW45

Honeywell’s leading, purpose-built wearable solution is the CW45. This wearable option is a rugged performance tool that improves productivity, is comfortable, and is easy to use. Will provides some specific details about the CW45:

      • Optimized ergonomics and performance
      • Large 4.7-inch display
      • Side facing camera
      • Mobility Edge™
Durable Synthetic Labels: Imprint Enterprises

Mobility Edge™

Honeywell Mobility edge protecting mobile device

At its core, Mobility Edge™ is a durable, secure, unified platform that allows Honeywell to perform many functions from one central, remote location. Honeywell has deployed over 15 lines of mobility products and devices, from handheld to wearable, and even a vehicle mount or tablet solution. Will highlights some other features of Mobility Edge™:

      • Continuous Android compatibility

      • Longest software/hardware platform support

      • Deployment and performance-optimizing tools

      • Forward compatible

      • Best available security and lifecycle duration

Honeywell’s 8675i Compact Wearable Scanner

The CW45 is a wearable mobile computer, but the ring-based scanner 8675i is the compact scanner needed to create a completely wearable solution. This compact wearable scanner allows you to maintain a hands-free environment with a hands-free workflow. Will provides some specific details about the 8675i ring-based scanner:

      • Bluetooth or tethered connection

      • Optimized for enhanced ergonomics

      • FlexRange capability

      • Multiple form factors

      • Easily replaceable battery

Honeywell's 8675i

Honeywell’s CW45 vs Traditional Handhelds as Wearables

Honeywell CW45 being used in a warehouse

While Honeywell has traditional mobile computer options that could be used as wearables, the CW45 is the purpose-built wearable solution for several reasons. Will provides some specific details about:

      • Smaller physical size

      • Low center of gravity

      • User and side-facing camera

      • Accessory keypad

      • Dedicated wearable with easy attach/release and battery removal

      • Wearable options

      • Cabled connector option to 8675i

      • Battery life tailored to full-shift, always-on, high-frequency workflows

The CW45 Accessory Ecosystem

Another great benefit of using the CW45 is the extensive accessory ecosystem that is available. Will provides some detail about the following accessories:

      • Slim and extended batteries

      • Ethernet home base charger

      • Keypad

      • Cables

      • Multi-bay device and battery chargers

Woman using a CW45 to scan products in a retail shop

Workflows by Vertical

The CW45 can help to improve throughput, provide ease in user deployment, and can streamline integration for many businesses. Will provides a brief detail about possible workflow uses in each of the following verticals:

Warehouse / DC / eCommerce

    • Picking
    • Material handling
    • Put-away
    • Pallet building

Transportation and Logistics

    • Vehicle loading/unloading
    • Sortation
    • Delivery verification


    • Assembly
    • Stock to production
    • Material handling


    • Picking/Click and Collect
    • Stocking
    • Put-away

Webinar Wrap-Up

Will provides a specific case study on how the CW45 wearable option was the solution for a large distribution center that was using a key-based handheld device in picking and transactional inputs/data entry workflows.

Bob and Will complete the webinar by answering the following questions:

      • Will the CW45 work with both the voice and the ring scanner at the same time or are those options needing to be independent?

      • Are the batteries hot-swappable and are there different battery extended ranges?

      • Does the CW45 work primarily on WiFi or is there a 5G cellular option?

      • Bob, do you have any use cases with the CW45 and the ring scanner where a customer was able to improve their business or make significant changes?

Watch the Webinar Replay

Create a winning wearable solution with Honeywell’s CW45 and 8675i that is flexible and future-forward and will allow your business to leverage technology in a new way that will improve user experience, efficiency, and workflows. Honeywell is an industry leader, incorporating the latest technological advancements in wearable scanning solutions to meet your specific needs and streamline operations. From fast, simple solutions to planning long-term sustainability, the specialists at Imprint Enterprises can help you understand what you need.

With 34 years of experience and product knowledge, Imprint Enterprises has been assisting thousands of small and medium-sized businesses meet their needs. Imprint is a Platinum Performance Partner with Honeywell. Imprint is an industry-leading provider of barcode printers, scanners, verifiers, software, RFID, labeling, warehouse labeling systems, as well as repair and maintenance solutions.

Watch the webinar replay, CW45 and 8675i – Mobile Power on Your Wrist & Fingers. The experts are there to help you and your business. If you have questions, Contact Imprint Enterprises today.