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Installing, removing, and replacing devices on your forklifts and vehicles can be time consuming and costly if not done correctly. IM² MAX takes care of your mobile devices using trained experts who get the job done quickly and efficiently, at your facility.

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An onsite upgrade, IM² MAX minimizes downtime within your facility by having our specialists come to you for device installations, removals, and replacements. The ultimate in device care services, IM² MAX incorporates all levels of IM² to save you time and money: commission, provisioning with a Golden Image, MDM enrollment, repair dispatch, reimaging, returning devices to service, a hot-swap inventory program, and onsite removal/installation.

IM² is a Help Desk that is a phone call, chat, or email away. Problems with device downtime? We can investigate and offer solutions. Need to collect data from your devices? We can review your dashboard and reports and get you what you need. You’ll have a remote person dedicated to your account who can tap into your portal and tell you what you need to know about your devices. It will be as though you’ve got that IT staff member right there with you, keeping your device fleet optimal and triaging problems as they arise.

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Hot-Swap Inventory Program

When a device goes down, it can impact your operational effectiveness and create downtime. Minimize the impact of a down device by having a replacement device on demand. This program keeps a backup of devices that are ready to go, as needed, and can be sent to your business in a moment’s notice.

Onsite Removal/Installation

Installing and removing devices on forklifts can sometimes lead to damaged devices and lost parts. Let the experts remove and install the devices that are mounted to forklifts, trucks, and more. Our experts do all the work for you, saving you time and money, and allowing your employees to focus on the work that enhances your bottom line.

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IM² is the Mobility Management Strategy to Enhance Your Operational Effectiveness

Imprint has a way to manage the oversight of your mobile devices so you don’t have to sacrifice time in your day that can be spent on your business operations. The focus of Imprint Mobility Manager (IM²) is to rapidly configure, restore, and replace mobile devices, monitoring performance 24/7 for you, helping your business enhance productivity and effectiveness.

IM², IM² PLUS, and IM² MAX are built to help your business across the entire lifecycle of your mobile technology from integration, to monitoring, to repairs, and more, from one convenient source.

Our experts do all the work for you either remotely or within your facility, saving you time and money, and allowing your employees to focus on the work that enhances your bottom line. Why worry about what could go wrong when you can focus on what generates greater business income.

Imprint ensures that it is that easy. Simply contact your team of specialists if a device goes down and they will have the process managed for you. IM² is the cost-effective way to enhance the effectiveness of your mobile operations while reducing (or even eliminating) some of the biggest logistical headaches associated with managing successful business mobility strategies.

Don’t live with mobility hassles. Use Imprint Mobility Manager and get your time back.

Contact Imprint Enterprises today to discuss what IM², IM² PLUS, and IM² MAX can do for your business.

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