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In business, things can and will go wrong. It is not a matter of if, but when. And when things go wrong, it can negatively impact profits and overall productivity. Why risk your mobile technology as the cause of those problems?

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Imprint Enterprises created a cloud-based mobility management software platform known as Imprint Mobility Manager (IM²). This software platform was created to offer remote management and access to all registered mobile devices within IM², offering real-time visibility on any web browser to monitor all Android-based assets. Hundreds of businesses have taken advantage of the savings and solutions of IM² and have asked for more options to suit their specific needs.

Imprint listened.

Imprint’s focus is mobile technology, expertly helping your business across the lifecycle of mobile technology, from unboxing and setting up devices for use, to provisioning, monitoring and more. IM² now comes in levels that can meet your specific mobile needs when you need them. Choose from the standard IM² package, upgrade to the expanded IM² PLUS or upgrade to a full worry-free option with IM² MAX.

IM² Redefined

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Using Imprint’s MDM software, the IM² standard package is meant to remotely help you with setting up (commissioning) devices and quickly provisioning and monitoring those devices so you don’t have to do it all manually.


      • Device Set-up


      • Programming
      • Terminal optimization
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Mobile Device Management

      • IM² MDM enrollment
      • Device tracking
      • Device maintenance
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Utilizing Imprint’s MDM software or your own (SOTI, 42Gears, etc.), upgrading to IM² PLUS includes the basic package and adds repair management, freeing up your employees to complete other critical operations. Imprint will remotely manage everything from the basic package while adding repair management, reimaging, and returning devices to service.

Repair Dispatch

      • Repair request
      • Documentation tracking


      • Reprogramming
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 Return to Service

      • Return to facility
      • Immediately ready for use
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An onsite upgrade, IM² MAX minimizes downtime in your facility by having our specialists come to you for device installations, removals, and replacements. The ultimate in device care services, IM² MAX incorporates all levels of IM² to save you time and money.

Hot-Swap Inventory Program

      • On-demand replacement
      • Device backup

Onsite Removal/Installation

      • Installation and removal at your facility
      • Replacements at your facility


The IM² Focus to Enhance Your Operations

The focus of Imprint Mobility Manager (IM²) is to rapidly configure, restore, and replace mobile devices, monitoring performance 24/7 for you, helping your business enhance productivity and effectiveness. IM², IM² PLUS, and IM² MAX are built to help your business across the entire lifecycle of your mobile technology from integration to monitoring to repairs, and more, from one convenient source.

Our experts do all the work for you either remotely or within your facility, saving you time and money, and allowing your employees to focus on the work that enhances your bottom line. Why worry about what could go wrong when you can focus on what generates greater business income?

Contact Imprint Enterprises today to discuss what IM², IM² PLUS, and IM² MAX can do for your business.

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