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Aurora, IL – March 17th, 2020 – Zebra, as a pioneer of the handheld laser scanner 40 years ago, has garnered decades of expert barcode printing experience. Flash forward to today, Zebra is on the leading edge of data capturing for supply chains across a full spectrum of industry verticals.

For example, warehouse, distribution, transportation, and logistics rely on Zebra barcode and RFID solutions to boost worker effectiveness and company performance. All to help assure that companies remain competitive in today’s challenging times.

Being promoted as a Zebra Premier Solutions Provider, Imprint Enterprises can provide both product and service capabilities to help businesses better optimize their operations.

Bob Conti of Imprint Enterprises added, “Becoming a Zebra Premier Solutions Provider is no easy feat. We’re proud to serve our customers at this advanced level. Now we can provide our customers with the ongoing solutions they need to automate, to boost performance, and most importantly, to grow their businesses in the future.”

To achieve this recent designation as a Zebra Premier Solutions Provider, Imprint Enterprises successfully completed in-depth training certifications as well as reaching milestone sales and support levels. This opens the door to Imprint customers obtaining a whole new level of first-class service and support.

As proof, Imprint Enterprises can fix, repair, install and train on the Zebra suite of managed service products as well as other vendors like SOTI and also Imprint’s own internal solutions.
To talk about how Imprint Enterprises and Zebra can better optimize any company’s process and operations, call (855) 745-4464 or visit ((INSERT WEB PAGE LINK.))

About Imprint Enterprises

Since 1975, Imprint Enterprises has provided businesses in the Chicago and Minneapolis-St. Paul area with industry-leading barcode, RFID and mobility solutions along with unparalleled service and support.

As proof, Imprint Enterprises provides a dedicated account executive and customer support representative committed to optimizing the value of the investment in technology.

In addition, the Imprint Enterprises technical team has the proven skills and experience to readily assist with on-site service and repair when needed—and all just a short drive away.