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A More Efficient Distribution Process for Beverage Companies

At Imprint Enterprises, we aim to simplify the distribution process for beverage companies. We offer barcode and RFID technology that makes supply chain distribution more efficient. 

We also care about your end customer. That is why we offer the technology and services you need to create attractive prime labels that convey necessary information and build your brand. First, let’s look at how we make navigating the supply chain easier. 

A More Efficient Distribution Process with Better Case and Pallet Labeling

We provide the barcode and RFID software, hardware, and services that simplify beverage distribution and logistics. It all starts with the picking process and giving employees needed information, utilizing a mobile barcode terminal or scanner.

We create a system of license plate numbers (LPNs) that are applied to cases. LPNs are unique, serialized barcode labels that allow for more efficient tracking. The cases can then be placed on an intelligent conveyor system that utilizes overhead scanners or vision systems to read the LPNs to determine the truck placement and proper location. This system helps with multiple products, in warehouses and distribution centers of all sizes, some as large as Amazon or FedEx centers. 

Companies can use a table-top Zebra printer, or a print and apply system to create the necessary labels. We also assist in pallet labeling for large orders. These labels focus on the shipping-related data to more efficiently move the product through the supply chain.

Print and Scan Technology for Beverage Companies

  • Barcode Scanners and Mobile Terminals – Beverage manufacturers and distributors need the proper technology and tools to be able to efficiently move their product through the supply chain. Barcode scanners and mobile terminals offer the flexibility you need. 
  • Print and Apply Systems – We offer several print and apply solutions to help in beverage manufacturing, distribution, shipping and fulfilment. Manual label application is a technical task that is subject to human error. Automating the process can help. 
  • Case and Pallet Labeling – Logistics are critical for making sure your product efficiently makes its way through the supply chain. Imprint Enterprises can help with case and pallet labeling for your liquor or beverage business. 
  • Traceability of Beverages – The chain of custody is the course that beverages take from production to the end customer. At Imprint Enterprises, we offer barcode and labeling software solutions that simplify this process and take it out of human hands. This software provides the backbone for traceability technology to work. 

Attractive Prime Labels for Beverages

The supermarket shelves can be a crowded and competitive place for beverage products. Whether you are labeling wine, coffee, lemonade, or any other beverage, the goal is an attractive prime label that entices people to choose your product. Imprint Enterprises works with beverage companies and distributors, offering full-service labeling technology and services. We can help you communicate the essence of your drink while still getting across all necessary and required nutritional information. 

A Partner in Prime Label Technology

Our high-tech printing capabilities ensure that your product will have durable labels that last through distribution and consumption, no matter the temperature. We offer a variety of digital and flexographic technology to create something that best represents your brand. 

Some of the creative techniques we use in label production include embossing, UV, and hot stamp. Our friendly experts will guide you through the possibilities and help you make the right choice for your product.

Durable Beverage Labels

As you know, your beverage products may experience drastic temperature fluctuation. When a drink is refrigerated, the outside can become filled with condensation, especially when it returns to room temperature. A poor-quality label may naturally start to rip and tear under these conditions. At Imprint Enterprises, we produce labels that are made to last.

Our high-quality materials are made to withstand temperature fluctuations – cold or hot – in order to protect the integrity of your product.

An Industry Leader in Prime Labeling, Barcode and RFID Solutions

Your label is an important extension of your brand. It needs to be visually enticing and convey all the required information. When you go with Imprint Enterprises, you have an experienced partner that can guide you through the process.

Labeling is also a tremendous asset in the distribution process. Make sure that your company uses the proper case labeling and pallet labeling to streamline movement through the supply chain. It’s important not to settle when it comes to this critical aspect of your business. If you’d like to find out more about how Imprint Enterprises can help, contact us today!

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