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Premium Cannabis Labels and Packaging

Recreational and medical cannabis are both growing industries within the U.S, but the legality varies widely amongst the states. As these industries evolve, so does the need for high-quality cannabis labels and packaging.

At Imprint Enterprises, we work with medical and recreational cannabis industry leaders to provide innovative printing, labeling, and packaging solutions. Our team can help you find the right solution for your specific application.

Your Partner for Printing, Scanning, and Labeling

Imprint Enterprises works with cannabis growth and distribution centers for all the necessary printing, scanning, and labeling solutions. Below are some of the common ways that we can help.

Industrial Label Printers – An industrial label printer can help your business keep up with the ever-evolving cannabis industry. We are a leading provider of Zebra and Epson technologies. Find out more about how our selection of industrial label printers.

Label Applicators – Label applicators can save your business time and money, while improving accuracy. They can help you with unnecessary problems, such as unreadable barcodes or interruptions to your process. Cannabis label applicators can help you improve the quality of your business.

Mobile Terminals and Computers – Both growth and distribution centers need to utilize the technology available to them for better product tracking. At Imprint Enterprises, we offer a complete selection of mobile terminals and computers to make your company more efficient. We also offer a selection of barcode scanners.

BarTender – Imprint Enterprises offers the latest versions of BarTender software, to make your labeling process more transparent and ensure that you continue to comply with regulatory advancements.

Keep Up with Cannabis Regulations

As the cannabis industry advances, so do the regulations surrounding it. With Imprint Enterprises, you have a partner who can help you to keep up with these changes. For instance, packages must be child proof. There are also a number of varying state regulations for recreational and medical cannabis.

This requires the ability to continuously update your labeling templates. Make sure that your labels and packaging continue to meet these regulations and continue to disclose the necessary information.

Prime Labels for Recreational Cannabis

If your company produces and sells recreational cannabis, it makes sense to distinguish your brand with a creative prime label. Imprint Enterprises offers a wide range of prime label solutions for recreational cannabis.

Make Sure Your Cannabis Company is as Efficient as Possible

The cannabis industry is changing fast. You need a partner that can help you keep pace. At Imprint Enterprises, we can support all of your labeling, printing, and scanning needs. Are you ready to take the necessary action for your business to remain as efficient as possible? Contact Imprint Enterprises today!

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