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Compliant Chemical Labels

Imprint Enterprises works with chemical companies to provide the necessary hardware, software, and supplies for Globally Harmonized Systems (GHS)-compliant product labeling. 

GHS labels break the language barrier by using pictures to universally convey what your containers are carrying. We have the product and expertise to get your product safely and efficiently through the supply chain. Chemical companies have a responsibility to protect everyone who handles their product, and Imprint Enterprises can help.

Maintain Compliance with GHS Regulations

The United Nations’ GHS policies require companies to label their chemical drums, totes, and other containers, in accordance with universal pictograms, eliminating language barriers and making the handling of potentially dangerous chemicals safer for all involved. 

Imprint Enterprises can help your company maintain compliance with these standards. When you ship your product anywhere in the world, everyone who handles it will know exactly what it is, and what precautions to take, when you have a GHS-compliant label. We offer the technology, labeling systems, and expertise to make sure that your company remains in compliance with all regulations. 

The Benefits of GHS Labeling

While these regulations are required, there are also some distinct advantages for your business:

  • Protect Your Employees – The people who handle your chemicals all the way through the supply chain will be better protected. This reduces the likelihood of workplace injury and creates a safer environment. 
  • Efficient Verification – This makes your employees’ jobs easier, increasing their productivity. 
  • Improve Company Image – When you take GHS requirements seriously, you are improving your credibility both internally and externally, and building trust
  • Identification That Lasts GHS labels must withstand water and chemical tests ensuring the label is readable for years.

Printing and Labeling Supplies for Quality GHS Labels

GHS labels are critical for communicating what type of chemicals your employees and people along the supply chain are handling. At Imprint Enterprises, we carry the printing systems you need to make GHS compliant labeling for your chemical company.

Color Printers – GHS labels are brightly colored. We offer a wide selection of industrial color printers that are designed to meet your needs.

GHS Label Materials – We offer durable and compliant GHS labeling materials so that you can be sure your labeling meets international standards. Get the right ribbons and labels today.

Barcode Scanning Terminals – You can create an efficient barcode system for your chemicals to ensure that they safely and easily make it through the supply chain. Often chemical companies need to have barcode scanning terminals that are Class 1, Div 2 certified. Imprint Enterprises carries these options and offers the barcode scanning terminals that meet you needs.

Go with the Industry Experts

When it comes to chemical labels, it’s important not to settle. The safety of all those who handle your product could be at stake. Imprint Enterprises offers the supplies and expertise you need to create compliant chemical labels. You can be confident that your labeling will meet all government requirements. 

It can take a significant amount of time to research all the chemical label requirements on your own. The process can be complex. Let us help! If you have questions, or would like to talk to us about your labeling needs, contact us today. 

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