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High-Quality Labels for Food Manufacturing and Distribution

In the food industry, prime labeling and barcode printing and barcode scanning applications are critical. An attractive and informative prime label helps customers to better understand their purchase. Case and pallet labeling help product efficiently move through the supply chain and land in retail stores. 

At Imprint Enterprises, we assist food manufacturers in creating effective barcode labeling and scanning strategies that meet their needs. We have nearly three decades of experience in the barcode labeling and scanning industry and we can help you come up with the most effective solution for your business. Our experienced team can guide you through the process, and we have an extensive inventory of supplies.

Printing and Scanning Applications

  • Print and Apply Systems – We offer several print and apply solutions to help in food manufacturing, distribution, shipping and fulfilment. Manual label application is a technical task that is subject to human error. Automating the process can help. 
  • Case and Pallet Labeling – Logistics are critical for making sure your product efficiently makes its way through the supply chain. Imprint Enterprises can help with license plate numbers (LPNs), or barcode case and pallet labeling for your food business. This allows you to more easily track and manage individual product anywhere. 
  • Traceability of Food – The chain of custody is the course that a food product takes from production to the end customer. At Imprint Enterprises, we offer barcode and labeling software solutions that simplify this process and take it out of human hands. This software provides the backbone for traceability technology to work. 
  • Barcode Scanners and Mobile Terminals – Food manufacturers and distributors need the proper technology and tools to be able to efficiently move their product through the supply chain. Barcode scanners and mobile terminals offer the flexibility you need. 

Our Food Packaging Prime Label Services Include:

  • Prime Labeling – Any time you are packaging food, it needs a label. That label is what helps the consumer understand the product. At Imprint Enterprises, we can help you with prime labeling on product runs that range anywhere from 500 labels to 50 million. In other words, we help food manufacturers of all sizes. 
  • Flexible Package Printing – This is simply printing on any flexible surface, or any package. Flexible package printing uses a thermal transfer printer that can print on chip bags, spice bags, wrappers, or anything else that’s soft. It is also known as direct product printing or date coding.
  • Applicators – A variety of applicators are available for your company to choose from. Our friendly experts can help you select the applicator that’s right for your business and product line. Applicators can help you reduce labor costs, labeling errors, unreadable barcodes, and interruptions to your operation.

Communicate Necessary USDA Information

Imprint Enterprises helps food manufacturers design a label that communicates all USDA required information. For companies that require a Food Safety and Inspection Service approval, you want to ensure that your label carries required information and will pass. 

This proper labeling helps your product more efficiently move through the supply chain, and builds trust with your customers. We can help you create a label that effectively showcases your brand and communicates all required information. 

Food Packaging Labels Guide Logistics

Major food retailers have logistics, or compliance labeling requirements for the foods that they sell – and food labels help manufacturers to meet those requirements. Barcodes need to be scannable, and meet supply chain requirements, or manufacturers can lose significant amounts of money. There are also industry compliance guidelines to follow, such as USDA requirements. 

Products need the right coding and traceability. Cases will need barcode labels with the appropriate descriptors on it, such as the item, quantity and perhaps a UPC code. Pallets will also have specific compliance labeling requirements, often listing all items contained on that pallet. 

At Imprint Enterprises, our friendly experts can help guide you through the process and help you determine the necessary steps for your organization. 

Print Any Label for Any Need

At Imprint Enterprises, our barcode and RFID technology can help you print any label for any function, and give it an attractive, elegant feel. We can capture your brand logo on any product with our digital or flexographic technology. We have labels suited for all types of product, including condiments, specialty foods, candy, frozen food, produce, canned goods and more. 

Our food labels are created for all environments, including refrigeration, deep freezer or heat, ensuring that the case or product labels will stick on inventory the entire way through the supply chain. Fluctuating temperatures can ruin a low-quality label. 

When it Comes to Food Label Packaging, You Have Options 

Many food manufacturers have different systems set up for different aspects of their business, and they’re all upgraded through time. Companies may have a system for pricing and financials, and a separate manufacturing system. They’ll do production labeling, traceability, and handle any concerns that pop up there. 

No matter your company’s size or situation, we have you covered. Make sure that you are offering the information necessary to move your product through the supply chain, and that is critical to your customers. We assist food manufacturers with the design process through application so that you can be sure your labeling needs are taken care of. 

If you have questions, or would like to discuss your project, contact us today! 

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