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Barcode Labels

Our barcode labels are available in a wide variety of options to meet the needs of any industry.

Imprint’s barcode labels are available and ready to ship—many on the same day—to meet your traceability needs. Our barcode labels can be used for general track and trace needs, marking shipping boxes or identifying retail items and their prices.

We provide a wide variety of sizes, colors and material types available for any application ­ from small warehouse settings to large industrial facilities. We have experience creating labels for the most demanding warehouse manufacturing environments, including chemical, food, medical beverage, pharmaceutical, and more.

Imprint offers 750 different types of stock labels from industry leaders. Whether you need quality thermal transfer, direct thermal, synthetic, or RFID labels, we have them in stock and ready to go. Plus, our stock barcode labels meet or exceed OEM standards.

Stock Barcode Labels: Imprint Enterprises
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Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Barcode Labels: Imprint Enterprises

Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Barcode Labels

Our barcode labels are available using two common types of barcode labeling technologies: direct thermal or thermal transfer.

Direct thermal labels are printed with a printhead applying heat when the label material passes over the printhead, producing an image.

These stock barcode labels are less expensive to produce, but they fade or degrade faster than thermal transfer when exposed to heat, light or chemicals.

Thermal transfer labels are used with a wax or resin ribbon to print images and provide a more durable label. Customers looking for stock barcodes to use in harsh manufacturing environments or outdoor applications should consider a thermal transfer label to meet the high demands of their situation.

Our experts can help you select a barcode label that fits your application. If you can’t find a stock barcode label that meets your needs, we can provide a custom barcode solution with your specifications—size, material, color and more.

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