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Custom Barcode labels

Unique applications require a precise and custom barcode label solution.

With our decades of experience in the label printing industry, we have the expertise to guide you to the perfect solution for your custom barcode label needs. Our comprehensive materials, sizes, symbologies, and colors offer endless possibilities for label design. Custom barcode labels can be tailored to any application, so your business can begin reaping the benefits of barcode label systems. From the initial design to the label application, our experts can support your project needs every step of the way.

Custom Labels: Imprint Enterprises
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The Technology to Meet Your Needs

Imprint offers custom barcode label solutions by combining our 25 flexographic and digital label presses nationwide, including the HP Indigo digital presses.

This technology enables us to produce a variety of combinations of face stock, shape, size, adhesive, color, or type of label. We offer printing of up to 10 colors, utilize DIGICON digital finishing, and supply an over 6,000­plus die library.

Our thorough quality process will ensure all of your custom barcode labels are accurate. We’ll confirm every detail based on the quote and the order to prevent future scanning and readability issues.

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