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LPN Label

Imprint’s license plating solutions make the slow process of scanning individual items obsolete.

License plating entails grouping inventory or assets by a container. You have the flexibility to define a container as anything­­ from a pallet or a bin to a product carton or a truck ­­using a unique license plate number and barcode or RFID tag. With Imprint’s LPN label solution, manage logistics with fewer scans, improving your facility’s efficiency.

LPN Label: Imprint Enterprises
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License Plate Labels: Imprint Enterprises

How can I use LPN Label?

License plate labels improve your warehouse and logistics’ efficiencies. You’ll no longer have to scan individual items. A simple scan of the LPN label will provide you with the valuable information contained within, including:

  • Products contained
  • Part numbers
  • Quantity
  • Lot number
  • Date of manufacture
  • Expiration date
  • Location
  • And more

LPN labels make receiving simpler. You can assign LPNs to incoming inventory to speed up the receiving process. Then you can put away items in groups or kits by simply creating one LPN at the receiving dock to put away all the items in that group.

In the warehouse LPN barcode labels help to simplify the picking process too. To make picking more efficient, you have to identify the most popular items and place them within easy access. LPNs can further improve this, allowing you to group items that are commonly picked and shipped together. Instead of scanning items separately, you can just scan the LPN for the group.

Signs You need an LPN Label System

Are your operations slow?

LPN barcode labels can speed up your operations by creating a more efficient work flow. Scan one label to access information on an entire group of inventory.

Is your process inaccurate?

An LPN label system can minimize errors caused by skipping items or manually entering incorrect data, saving you money in the long run.

Is it difficult to track your assets?

LPN labels create a simplified system to track items throughout the warehouse and supply chain. Better visibility will help you improve your operational efficiency.

Custom Imprint LPN Labels for any Application

Imprint offers a variety of solutions to meet your LPN label needs. We offer LPNs with inline variable imaging and a four color flexopress and provide most barcode symbologies. Whether you need color coding, logos, or tinting, Imprint can provide a custom solution with quick around time. No matter what your environment, we have a material that can withstand your unique demands, including paper, polyester, and polypropylene. Our LPNs are available with standard permanent, removable, or freezer­-grade adhesives, so you know that your LPB label will remain securely fastened.

Imprint’s team of labeling experts can help you implement a system of LPNs. Custom solutions tailored specifically to individual facilities are our specialty. We’ll help you maintain an accurate, efficient warehouse, big or small. Contact us today to get started.

LPN Label: Imprint Enterprises

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