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Pallet Labels

Use pallet labels to optimize warehouse efficiencies and easily track inventory.

As a widely accepted form of storing and transporting inventory, pallets are a critical piece of the warehouse puzzle. As such, warehouse employees need to be able to easily identify pallet information, including item type, quantity, location, and more. The faster they can recognize this crucial information, the faster inventory can be moved, picked, or shipped. Pallet labels provide that insight with a simple scan of a barcode label.

Pallet Labels: Imprint Enterprises
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Pallet Labels: Imprint Enterprises

Durability for Any Warehouse Environment

Pallets take a beating. Lifting pallets with forklifts, stacking them on shelves, and moving them around the warehouse means that your pallet label has to have the durability to withstand normal wear and tear. Our heavy-duty pallet labels can handle the tough and tumble world of warehouses. Imprint offers strong adhesives that will create a lasting bond with wood pallets–even in high humidity.

Labels that become scraped and marred prevent your employees from getting an accurate read on your barcode, upsetting the flow of your warehouse. Missing labels can create a situation where pallets must be unpacked to determine the product and quantity contained within. Then staff members have to spend valuable time restocking the pallet. Selecting a high quality pallet label from Imprint ensures that you’ll always be able to identify pallets and their contents, so your facility is always running smoothly.

A Labeled Warehouse is a Safe Warehouse

Warehouses are a potentially dangerous environment, so displaying warning information is critical. Imprint Enterprises can supply you with brightly colored labels with crisp text to ensure warning information is visible to warehouse staff. “Do not stack,” “do not forklift,” or other directions can be custom printed on any color to create a system of safety pallet labels for your warehouse. Our long-lasting materials and adhesives will help protect your employees from accidentally damaging products or hurting themselves due to lack of information.

Labeled Warehouse for Safety and Efficiency: Imprint Enterprises

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