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Beauty Label

Create beauty labels as stunning as your product.

In the bath and beauty, cosmetic, and personal care industries, competition is stiff. With limited shelf space, you want to ensure customers recognize your product. A custom-crafted beauty label from Imprint can get the initial attention of potential customers and your quality product will have them hooked. Your business has poured valuable time into formulating your beauty product, so ensure that your beauty label is equally distinct.

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Beauty Label: Imprint Enterprises
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Beauty Label: Imprint Enterprises

Put Your Trust in a Beauty Label Expert

Your product’s packaging is the first contact a potential customer has with your brand. After the hours put into crafting and perfecting your product, you need a trustworthy company to create a label to match your brand image and communicate the value of your beauty product. Imprint has been creating beauty labels for nearly two decades, and our expertise has earned us the trust of many household brands. We’ll work with you from the initial design process to the label application. We’re a company you can trust to uphold the value and image of your brand.

Long Lasting Elegance is within Reach

Imprint recognizes that beauty products aren’t always in the most ideal environment. The high humidity associated with steamy showers can wreak havoc on a low quality label. Oils in soaps and lotions demand a label that resists smudging. No matter the conditions your beauty product label is exposed to, Imprint can design a label that will remain alluring. Tiny cosmetics need labels that fit their packaging while still letting the product shine through. Imprint can create beauty labels big or small for boxes, bottles, and jars. Let us work with you to design the perfect, eye-catching and informative beauty label that won’t smudge, wrinkle, or peel.

Beauty Label: Imprint Enterprises
Beauty Label: Imprint Enterprises

The Right Technology for the Perfect Style

Imprint offers a combination of printing technologies to provide a variety of beauty label styles. Our digital printing technology offers a cost-effective solution with a photographic-quality appearance. We also employ flexographic printing technology that can be used in combination with a variety of other printing techniques, including embossing, UV, and hot stamp labels. Our state­of­the­art technologies can create thousands of combinations, so you get a label that speaks to your brand.

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