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Dissolvable Labels

Our dissolvable labels are the perfect solution for temporary label applications.

If you’re in an industry where you need to change labels frequently on reusable products, dissolvable labels may be the solution. These dissolvable labels are designed to provide the high-quality performance and durability your business demands while the labels are in use. When products need to be re­used or washed, water soluble labels come off easily with water and don’t leave behind residual adhesive. Imprint’s dissolvable labels are an economical solution for temporary labeling situations.

Dissolvable Labels: Imprint Enterprises
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Imprint Enterprises: Dissolvable Labels

Dissolvable labels are perfect for a temporary label that is environmentally benign or can be removed from substrates easily and economically.

This product is a great solution for applications where you don’t want build up from label adhesives, including food rotation, storage applications, and test tube labeling.

Dissolvable Product Labels: Imprint Enterprises

Trust in an Industry Leader for Label Solutions

Imprint prides itself on its innovative solutions. Unlike wash­away labels whose adhesive dissolves but leaves the soggy facestock behind, Imprint’s dissolvable labels are water­ soluble and completely disintegrate in room temperature water. Our dissolvable label facestock and adhesive construction incorporate a 40# calendered paper with a WD­1 adhesive. Companies looking for an eco­-friendly label solution will find that Imprint’s dissolvable labels are environmentally benign, while remaining easy to­ use.

Dissolvable Labels: Endless Applications

Imprint’s dissolvable labels are a functional solution for a variety of industries. Food industries employ dissolvable labels in tray labeling and identification. This solution is also ideal for returnable container labeling and water soluble product labeling, including plant and watercraft tagging. Laboratories utilize dissolvable labels for their equipment and vial labeling needs, because they don’t leave residue that can collect bacteria. Clothing manufacturers take advantage of the temporality of these labels by using them to mark inspections and sizes. These labels can even be flushed.

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Harness Imprint’s Technology

Dissolvable labels can be used with either direct thermal or flexographic technologies. Imprint can custom design and pre­print your label with a variety of text, barcode, and graphic options, or we can supply your business with stock blank labels to be handwritten or printed in-Imprint has the expertise, innovative technology and high­-quality materials to meet the needs of any business. Contact one of our knowledgeable staff members to discuss employing dissolvable labels in your facility.

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