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Healthcare Labels

Don’t compromise design for compliant healthcare labels.

In the healthcare industry, businesses are exposed to a variety of regulations. Compliant healthcare labels and pharmaceutical labels are a critical piece of meeting FDA mandates, but including safety and drug information doesn’t mean you have to compromise the appearance of your healthcare labels. By partnering with Imprint, we’ll help you create a label that communicates the benefits of your product and instills a sense of trust in consumers.

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Your Helping Hand in Healthcare Labels

Imprint recognizes the challenges you face to ensure that your product meets all the safety requirements necessary. It’s important that you can clearly communicate important information. Our staff of healthcare label and pharmaceutical label experts can help you design a label that includes all the required information in an aesthetically pleasing format. We can verify that your labels are FDA-compliant, and work with you to design a unique brand image for your healthcare labels, including pharmaceutical labels. Whether you need medical bottle, box, device, or machine labels, we’ll help you find the right solution for your business.

Choose a Durable Label For Any Application

Whether your medical product will be used in a hospital or homecare environment, it’s crucial that your healthcare labels and pharmaceutical labels remain legible so that critical safety information can always be quickly accessed. Imprint can help you choose a durable label that will withstand the typical handling conditions. Every container or package has different needs. Imprint can create a perfectly sized label with crisp text and the right adhesive for your packaging type. Imprint’s healthcare labels won’t fail, so you can keep your consumers informed.

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The State-of-the-Art Technology You Need

Imprint offers a full suite of custom labeling printing technology to meet the needs of any business. Our digital printing technology offers quick turnaround times for small to medium orders and has the ability to create variable healthcare labels and pharmaceutical labels. For larger print runs, your business may benefit from our flexographic technologies. Imprint can also provide holographic images and tamper-evident labels for your verification and security needs. No matter what your application, Imprint will work with you to design a label that is completely compliant, has the necessary security, and communicates your brand’s message effectively.

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