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Vitamin Labels

Design a vitamins labels to stand out from the competition.

Wellness aisles are crowded with vitamins, supplements, and nutraceuticals. Your business is faced with the challenge of getting consumers’ attention when they are overwhelmed by choices. The right vitamin labels can give you the eye-catching appeal your products needs to stand above the rest. Imprint can help you design a supplement label that will communicate your brand’s message in a visually stunning fashion.

Wellness Product Labels: Imprint Enterprises
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Wellness Labels: Imprint Enterprises

We Know Supplement Label Design

Imprint has been producing pressure-sensitive vitamin labels for nearly two decades. Our team of supplement label experts will help guide you through the process–from the initial design through application. We can work with you to create a supplement label design that encompasses your brand while still providing the legally required product information. We’re up-to-date on the latest guidelines, and we can pass that knowledge on to you.

Prevent Your Message from Fading

Your business aims to provide healthy solutions to consumers. You’ve developed a quality product and a beautiful label to match–but if it doesn’t last, you’ll only leave your customers with a poor impression. Imprint knows the value of long lasting vitamin labels. We’ll create a custom vitamin label that will withstand the typical environment of your product. Our labels won’t fade, wrinkle, smudge, smear, or peel. You can be confident that you brand’s messaging and design will last for the life of your product.

Wellness Product Labeling: Imprint Enterprises
Custom Label Printing Technology: Imprint Enterprises

The Advantage of the Latest Tech

Imprint can create a custom label to fit your size, color, and design specifications. Our digital printing press technology will provide you with crisp, photographic-like designs and we can make variable designs and text. Imprint also employs flexographic printing presses, which allow for complete design versatility. We can create vitamin labels using specialty techniques like embossing, UV, and hot stamp labels. If you’re not sure what technology is right for your wellness label needs, our experts can guide you to the perfect fit for your brand.

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