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Water Bottle Labels

Revitalize the look of your water bottle labels with Imprint.

With the high competition water bottle suppliers face, it’s important that your water bottle labels have a captivating design at the right price. Invite customers to try your crisp, refreshing water with a label designed and supplied by the experts at Imprint. We’ll translate your brand image onto the perfect label for all sizes and shapes of water bottles.

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Water Bottle Labels: Imprint Enterprises
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Water Bottle Labels: Imprint Enterprises

Partner with Water Bottle Label Design Experts

Imprint is well-versed in the demands of the water bottling industry. We have the capabilities to provide a custom water bottle label design that can withstand the unique challenges associated with water bottles. Our experts can help you design a label with a style that matches your brand. We’ll help you include the necessary nutritional, ingredient, and recycling information while maintaining a fun, functional design. Imprint’s reputation for attention to detail and outstanding service are unmatched in the water bottle label industry. We’re more than just a supplier. We’re your complete water bottle label service provider.

Design a Label That Lasts

Functional water bottle labels have to have a high standard of durability. Your bottle will be taken hiking, to soccer games, and to the beach. It will be chilled in refrigerators, thrown in coolers, and carried in the hot sun. Not all water bottle labels can handle the difficult conditions water bottles face. Imprint’s durable water bottle labels can handle it all. Moisture from coolers and condensation on humid days are no match for Imprint’s water-resistant label materials. Your beautiful design will stay crisp no matter what.

Labels for Water Bottles: Imprint Enterprises
Custom Water Bottle Labels: Imprint Enterprises

Customized Water Bottle Labels

Our wide range of media substrates combined with our high-tech printing capabilities offer complete design versatility. Imprint has multiple digital and flexographic printing technologies to meet the needs of different designs and order sizes to create even the most unique custom water bottle labels. We can create exclusive designs with UV, embossing, and hot stamp techniques. We’ll help you find the perfect material for your label, and we can create custom sizes to fit any bottle. Imprint will guide you through the entire water bottle labeling process.

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