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ARMOR GHS Labeling

ARMOR GHS ribbon solutions help you comply with Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) regulations.

GHS, which has been defined by the United Nations for use around the world, provides a system for classifying and identifying chemical substances. A GHS label contains information on the chemical, including hazard symbols, hazard statements, and precautionary measures people handling the chemical should take. GHS regulations also specify the size, print media, and mandatory use of red and black colors for the labels.

Manufacturers, as well as importers, distributors, and recyclers of chemical substances, are required to comply with the standards, guaranteeing that the GHS labels they use can withstand environmental conditions and remain readable and intact.

ARMOR GHS labeling solutions complies with B5509, an internationally recognized standard for durability of printed labels for products transported by sea (withstands 3 months immersion in seawater). When label and ink are certified to B5509 standards, the label will remain readable and resist damage from abrasion.

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Choose the Right Components of a GHS Solution

You must use the correct ribbon, label, and printer to comply with GHS regulations.

  • Ribbons: Ribbons with resin-based inks offer the durability required by GHS, as well as good compatibility with synthetic labels. Inks should be resistant to scratches, solvents, and UV rays. Within the ARMOR range, black thermal transfer ribbons (AXR 7+, AXR 8, AXR 600, AXR 800) and red ribbons (AXR 600R) enable red & black printing to be performed in compliance with the GHS standard and offer printing levels of durability certified to BS5609 criteria.
  • Labels: Synthetic labels, such as those made from PE, PET, PVC, and PP, are the most resistant to the harsh conditions common to chemical manufacturing and transport. Ensure the label has an adhesive certified to B55609 standards.
  • Printers: Thermal transfer printers allow you to add information to a preprinted label or print the entire label. Some can print both red and black — as required by GHS regulations — during the same print run.

The Features and Benefits of ARMOR GHS labeling

  • Flexibility: ARMOR GHS labeling is based on thermal transfer technology, which allows you maintain flexibility to print the various label formats required by the regulation.
  • Compliance: ARMOR GHS labeling solutions enable you to print labels compliant with regulations.
  • Durability: Resin inks from ARMOR thermal transfer ribbons, used with synthetic labels, provide high-quality labels with optimum resistance to harsh environments.
  • Security: ARMOR solutions ensure your labels will remain legible and intact until the container is recycled.

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