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ARMOR Ribbons and UL/CSA

When you see a label that includes the “UL” symbol, it means Underwriter Laboratory has tested the product for safety. The UL Component label itself must also receive UL approval to be used to supply product information regarding safety, usage, regulations, and the product’s origins. The label must remain affixed to the product and legible throughout its lifecycle. The standard ANSI/UL 969 evaluates label adhesion and material resistance to determine durability, whether the product is meant to be used indoors or outdoors.

Similarly, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), which tests and certifies products for safety, energy efficiency, and sustainability, requires that labels carrying its North American or international marks, will remain intact and attached to products throughout their use.

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UL/CSA Testing for Ribbons and Labels

The UL Component label must last from year to year — or owner to owner — to provide information on how to safely use the products. Tests for UL/CSA compliance include extreme temperature or humidity levels, immersion in water, and exposure to sunlight, solvents, oil, and other chemicals. The tests give an indication of how the label will withstand environmental conditions through the course of its normal use.

Imprint Enterprises UL/CSA Solutions

Imprint Enterprises can provide guidance to manufacturers that print their own UL Component labels in house, helping to select the right printing solutions, labels and ribbons to comply with UL/CSA standards. The thermal transfer printing solutions we provide offer you the agility to print labels for a variety of products, while maintaining high print quality and label durability.

Our experienced team can help you create a UL/CSA-compliant solution — there is no need for you to research which ribbons or labels you need. ARMOR ribbons used in combination with labels from a variety of major manufacturers allow you to comply with UL/CSA requirements. You can be assured the labels you create meet the standards. Within the ARMOR range, black thermal transfer ribbons (AXR 7+, AXR 8, AXR 600, AXR 800) enable red and black printing to be performed in compliance with the GHS standard; these ribbons also offer extremely durable printing levels.

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