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RFID Labels and Tags

Knowing your asset’s exact location has never been easier with RFID labels from Imprint.

Our radio frequency identification (RFID) expertise can help you manage your assets with accuracy and efficiency. Our line of RFID labels, tags, and cards will help you locate, track, and manage anything from small assets, to entire inventories, and even people. We offer a range of stock RFID labels as well as custom solutions in a wide range of sizes, materials, and inlays. We’ll ensure that your RFID labels and tags are always 100% accurate prior to shipment.

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How RFID Labels Work: Imprint Enterprises

How do RFID Labels Work?

In an RFID system, tags are attached to the items that you wish to track, including retail products, tools, and vehicles.

These tags consist of an integrated circuit (IC), which is connected to an antenna. These inlays are then built into a variety of different kinds of tags, ranging from apparel hang tags and product labels to security tags and industrial asset tags.

The IC contains the information on the asset, including the product’s electronic product code (EPC), which then can be read by RFID readers.

Passive versus Active RFID

Imprint offers both passive RFID labels and active RFID tags.

Passive RFID labels are typically available in traditional label styles. These labels contain an integrated circuit (IC) and are not battery powered. Passive RFID labels are powered by the electromagnetic energy transmitted from an RFID reader—meaning the reader must be close­range.

Active RFID tags include an IC, but are powered by batteries. This allows the tag to transmit its own signal. Active RFID tags can be read at greater distances, and they can be programmed to “beacon,” or initiate communication with a reader, when certain conditions occur. Typically these tags are larger and are housed in a protective case.

RFID labels and tags are used for different applications. Passive RFID labels are used for access control, tool tracking, supply chain management, and others. Active RFID tags are more commonly used for tracking the real­time location of assets or vehicle.

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Typical Applications

Our labels are used in a variety of industries. Imprint will work with you to make sure that you find a label that’s right for your application. We offer labels that meet RFID compliance mandates from Wal­Mart, the DoD, and others. Imprint also offers labels to assist your business with:


  • Asset tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Consumer goods distribution
  • Document and record tracking
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