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Cover-Up Labels

Mistakes happen. Information changes. As much as we’d like to avoid it, sometimes you need to fix a label’s content or block out information beneath. Removing and replacing labels is an expensive and time consuming process. Instead, cover-up labels or block-out labels can communicate changes without bringing attention to incorrect information. Imprint’s specially designed cover-up labels and block-out labels provide this role, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

Cover Up Labels: Imprint Enterprises
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Cover-Up Labels: Imprint Enterprises

Cover-Up Labels Cater to a Variety of Industries

Retail/Price Markdown
Price changes are common in the retail industry, but removing and relabeling a product requires a great deal of time and can destroy the original packaging. Relabeling with a material that covers the original information saves time and maintains the integrity of the original packaging when retail items need to be price-adjusted or their information modified. Imprint’s cover-up labels and prevent the original labels from interfering with the new barcode.

Pharmacy/Unit Level Dose
When prescription items are packaged for distribution to the patient, cover-up labels are typically applied over the original packaging. In this scenario, it is very important that the original printing or barcodes do not show through or interfere with scanning. Imprint’s block-out label technology ensures that your new label stays adhered and prevents any bleed-through.

In shipping and receiving scenarios, labels are often applied to materials which frequently go through numerous use cycles. Shipping containers may be reused to send materials to different facilities by applying new labels over existing container labels. In order to reach its destination on time, previous information must not be visible through the new label, especially in situations with automated handling systems. Our cover-up labels and block-out label solutions ensure complete coverage.

How Do Cover-Up Labels Work?

Cover-up labels work differently than traditional labels, which aren’t opaque enough to block out the text, graphics, or barcodes printed beneath. Different applications will require different types of cover-up labels. If you need to cover a label that’s mostly used indoors, a high gloss paper with an opaque barrier may work best. We can also create a label with metallic paper or film, which acts as a barrier and is over-printed with white ink. If you need an extremely durable cover-up label, a dark undercoating may be the right solution.

Imprint can custom create a cover-up label based on the needs of your application. Through our partnership with CleanBeam, we offer a variety of sizes and can design a cover-up label to match your current one. Certain packaging materials also require specific adhesives, so Imprint can help you determine what cover-up label will work best.

Cover-Up Labels: Imprint Enterprises
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