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Eco-Friendly Labels

Take the initiative to incorporate green, eco-friendly labels in your organization.

Imprint is at the forefront of green initiatives. Implementing eco-friendly labels and supplies into your business can have huge payoffs for you and the environment. These products reduce the waste produced and the amount of energy needed for manufacturing them. Eco-friendly product labels from Imprint also require less water and chemicals, and all our eco-friendly labels function as well as traditional products.

Eco-Friendly Labels: Imprint Enterprises
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Eco-Friendly Labels: Imprint Enterprises

SolFree® Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Solvent-free ribbons are a unique and patented product for the environmentally conscious barcode printer user. SolFree ribbons are the first ribbons in the market using a 100% solvent-free manufacturing process. Unlike traditional thermal transfer ribbons which use a 3-step coating process, the SolFree ribbon only requires two, saving energy and time. The absence of the chemical solvent reduces the carbon footprint by at least 365g of CO2 per roll (based on calculation for roll of market average dimensions) compared to other ribbons, and offers an improved backcoat performance and printhead life as well as zero impact on print quality and printer settings. SolFree ribbons are the perfect solution for your eco-friendly labels.

Natural Kraft Liner Labels

Support sustainability by using environmentally friendly, natural kraft liner labels. These eco-friendly labels are made with an unbleached, kraft liner, meaning fewer chemicals were used in the manufacturing process. Kraft liner labels offer the same performance and quality as bleached liners, but support sustainable practices by reducing the amount of waste. Manufacturing these labels uses 30% less energy, which reduces greenhouse gas by 10%, solid waste by 16%, water waste by 46%, and wood/virgin fiber use by 20%. Our kraft liner labels are available on rolls or fanfold, and can be perforated or nonperforated.

Kraft Liner Labels: Imprint Enterprises
Microliner Labels: Imprint Enterprises

Micro-Liner Labels

Increase your printing efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint by switching to labels with a unique micro-liner. Offering the same tensile strength as the industry standard, the micro liner is over 30% lighter, meaning lower freight costs and less material in a landfill. With a smaller liner, you’ll get more labels per roll, which means reduced downtime for changeovers.

Start your green initiative today. Imprint’s expert staff can help you determine if eco-friendly labels or ribbons are right for your business.

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