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Pharmaceutical Labels

Imprint’s pharmaceutical labels provide the control and accuracy demanded wherever testing, tracking, documentation, production, or packaging occurs.

From early drug discovery to unit-of-use packaging for the final product, Imprint has solutions to improve efficiency and quality throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing and supply chain processes. Imprint can help you navigate the FDA regulations for labeling samples and drugs while providing you with quality labels that will withstand the demands of testing, shipping, and storing pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical Labels: Imprint Enterprises
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Medication Labels: Imprint Enterprises

Barcode and RFID Technology Saves Lives, Time, and Money

Barcode and RFID labels empower the pharmaceutical industry to manage supplies, samples, and prescription or over-the-counter drugs. Attaching a unique identifier to a pharmaceutical allows it to be tracked throughout the supply chain. The applications are nearly endless. For laboratories, results maintain integrity, because lab employees can track samples’ locations, patient information, and more.

In clinical trials, companies can submit New Drug Applications (NDAs) faster using the automated capabilities of barcode and RFID labels. Information regarding case reports and results can be managed more accurately because human error in data entry is eliminated.

Barcode labels on work-in-progress drugs adhere to the standards of the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices. They enable companies to simplify tracking, distribution, and quality control operations. Pharmaceutical companies also see improved efficiency because high-speed connectivity solutions quickly pass product ID, lot control, and other important data from the enterprise systems directly to printers.

Get the Advantage of Imprint Expertise

At Imprint, we know that printing pharmaceutical labels requires precision, especially on small labels for test tubes, vials, and syringes. That’s why we offer precise high-speed printers and print engines for producing Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) and other small barcode labels. Our Electronic Product Code (EPC), RFID protocols, and smart label systems help meet FDA recommendations for electronic track and trace and electronic pedigree management.

Imprint also helps you protect your consumers and your pharmaceutical products with barcode and RFID labels printed on secure media, which help prevent counterfeiting. Our barcode and RFID labels can be integrated with your ERP solution, so your labels always match the information contained within your databases.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you create permanent and readable ID labels that stick to items in the most challenging production, testing, storage, and usage environments. We’ll work with you to identify the needs of your company, and find a pharmaceutical label to meet those requirements.

Pharmaceutical Labeling: Imprint Enterprises
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