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Retro Reflective Labels

Traditional warehouse signs require employees to get close for accurate scan. The additional time it takes for staff to move closer to traditional warehouse signs starts adding up and is detrimental to your warehouse efficiency. Long range retro reflective labels are coated with a polyester­-based material, blended with microscopic glass beads that reflect the scanner’s laser, much like a mirror. This reflective material enables your current scanners to reach much greater distances—as far away as 50 feet! The ability to quickly and easily scan signs from a distance by using retro reflective labels will reduce the amount of time spent looking for a product and shorten the picking and packing process.

Imprint can adjust the “x” dimension or MIL size to accomplish your desirable scan distance. For example, a 100 MIL barcode can be scanned from a distance of up to 50 feet with some long range barcode scanners. All of Imprint’s retro reflective labels are protected with a durable .002” thick gloss laminate and can incorporate your choice of graphics and colors.

Retro Reflective Labels: Imprint Enterprises
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Retro Reflective Warehouse Labeling and Installation

Imprint has all your warehouse labeling and installation services. We specialize in retro reflective hanging signs, rack labels, sequential pallet license plates, serialized labeling and much more.

We offer not only a customized solution, we offer a complete one. We’ll help you define your retro reflective labels needs, fulfill your product specifications, and install your solution.

Retro ­Reflective Labels: Design Options and Specifications

Imprint can create nearly any type of retro reflective labels to identify and track specific locations. Our multicolor graphics and protective laminates provide functional tier identification and attractive design. We offer all popular symbologies, including Code 39, Code 2 of 5, UPC, Code 128, and many more. Human-­readable text and characters can be combined with these symbologies based on the unique needs of your application and environment.

Imprint can provide retro reflective labels and signs that have serialized information. Graphics and logos can also be incorporated in your signage for a unified, professional appearance throughout your warehouse. You can select how you want the finished signs—rolls, matched sets, sheets, or single pieces. We can also create peel­-off tabs with the duplicated information from your retro-reflective signs to be used in inventory binders for added organization and uniformity.

The expert staff at Imprint Enterprises has the knowledge to help you find or custom-create a long range retro reflective labels and signs specifically for your facility. We’re here to help you through the process and answer all of your questions.

Retro Reflective Signs and Labels: Imprint Enterprises
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