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Warehouse Floor Labels

Durable warehouse floor labels and kits provide safe and reliable location marking for your facility.

Sometimes there isn’t a convenient location to put your barcode or location marking label. Other times goods don’t fit on a rack or are placed in the center of the room for convenient access. Although suspending signs from the ceiling is an option, if the item has to be relocated or the information is frequently updated, you’ll be stuck with a logistics nightmare.

Instead, you can place warehouse floor labels anywhere it’s convenient, and our durable floor barcode label kits will ensure that your label always stays legible. If you need to the change your warehouse floor label, simply pop it out from the frame and replace it with a new one. You can also easily remove the entire frame to move it to another location.

Warehouse Floor Label Kits: Imprint Enterprises
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Warehouse Floor Labels: Imprint Enterprises

Warehouse Floor Labels: Designed for Wear and Tear

Our complete warehouse floor labeling kit is built to withstand the high­-traffic, high-­dirt environment of your warehouse or distribution center. We’ll help you find a durable label that’s right for you. Our warehouse floor labels are built using a .020” aluminum frame that houses a polycarbonate insert. You can then place your barcode polyester label in the insert and slide it in the frame.

The aluminum frame is beveled, so it won’t catch on the tires of your pallets and lift trucks. The strong construction will ensure your label is always legible. Imprint can pre­print custom labels or provide you with high­-quality stock for in­house printing. The frame accepts labels 2” tall by 6” wide.

Our warehouse floor label kits have everything you need to get started, including a .020” aluminum frame, protective polycarbonate insert/cover, masonry drill bit, concrete fasteners, and Phillips drive bit.

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Need help deciding if a floor label kit is right for you? Contact one of our knowledgeable consultants with any of your labeling questions. We’ll guide you to a warehouse labeling solution that’s right for your business.

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