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LS3408-ER/LS3578-FZ Rugged Scanners

The Zebra LS3408-ER corded and LS3578-FZ cordless rugged scanners, both members of the Symbol LS3000 series, are ideal for use in manufacturing, warehouse management, and transportation. These rugged handheld scanners, which are designed to capture one-dimensional (1D) barcodes in harsh conditions, utilize fuzzy logic technology that enables the rapid and accurate scanning of dirty or poorly printed barcode labels. In addition, the LS3408-ER and LS3578-FZ can read labels as close as 0.25 inches and as far away as 45 feet. The wide scanning range and ability to read damaged labels make these scanners ideal for use in industrial environments.

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Corded and Cordless Options for Maximum Flexibility

Whether your workers are in the warehouse, distribution center, yard, manufacturing floor, or even a retail store, the LS3408-ER and LS3578-FZ deliver boosts to accuracy and efficiency with a user-friendly form factor. The cordless LS3578-FZ offers additional freedom for mobile workers, further increasing productivity and keeping inventory up-to-date from anywhere in the facility. With the corded model, an outstanding reading range offers the flexibility to handle a wide range of industrial applications.  These scanners are impervious to water and dust, and the exit window is recessed and scratch-resistant for an additional layer of durability. Equipment downtime and expensive replacement costs will no longer be a concern with the LS3000 series rugged scanners.

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LS3408-ER/LS3578-FZ Features

The LS3408-ER corded and LS3578-FZ cordless rugged scanners come with advanced data capture features for warehouse management, manufacturing, and transportation applications.

  • The ergonomic and rugged designs of both the LS3408-ER and LS3578-FZ can withstand 50 drops to concrete from 6.5 ft./2 m and 2,500 3 ft./1 m tumbles.
  • The LS3408-ER is a laser scanner that offers an extended scanning range of 0.25 in. to 45 ft.
  • The LS3578-FZ employs fuzzy logic technology to help workers rapidly and accurately read damaged or dirty 1D barcodes.
  • The LS3408-ER’s dual-scan angle switches between wide and standard to allow for faster and more accurate barcode reading.
  • Cordless scanning with the LS3578-FZ eliminates the worry of cable failure and offers workers unrestricted data collection.
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