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Barcode label verification processes can become labor intensive, creating a backlog from slowing processes down to scan and verify barcodes, labels, and products. Efficiency in scanning can be dependent upon having everything set up just right and having enough employees to ensure everything is properly functioning. How can a business keep up with growing e-commerce and on-demand shipping if they must slow processes down?

Zebra machine scanner scanning bottles

Zebra helps to streamline verification systems using machine vision and fixed-mount scanners for dock door scanning, forklift scanning, scan tunnels, conveyors, and pack benches. Deployment of fixed scanning systems is easy, and incorporating automated systems can help enhance regulatory compliance, such as with FSMA 204.

Zebra is driven by innovation and problem-solving for their clients, offering machine vision and fixed scanning products to help automate logistics and see businesses excel in the most efficient manner. In a recent acquisition with Matrox® Imaging, Zebra brings you automated fixed-mount solutions with greater scanning speeds and accuracy to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Zebra helps to streamline verification systems using machine vision and fixed-mount scanners for dock door scanning, forklift scanning, scan tunnels, conveyors, and pack benches.

Scanning Solution Possibilities

Zebra VS70<br />

Machine vision technology can play a significant role in your manufacturing and warehouse operations. Fixed scanning systems can be used to create packing benches, scan products being moved via forklifts in an instant, scan items as they are coming and going at dock doors, and create scan tunnels to remove processing inefficiencies and increase throughput up to 24%.

Dock Door Scanning

Dock doors facilitate the reading of labels for final verification before products leave your facility, ensuring all outbound items are accounted for and routed correctly. Dock door scanning can also efficiently and effectively automate the process of pallets being received. When a forklift enters through a doorway, fixed scanners capture barcode data at high speeds, relaying that data to the onboard computer, and confirming that the correct pallet is being received or shipped. Automation saves time, increases shipping output, and can avoid erroneous scans.

Using zebra machine scanner in lab

Forklift Scanning

forklift moving in a warehouse

Installed directly on the equipment, forklift scanners allow users to verify pallets and products without stopping, providing a hands-free option. Data is automatically collected by two fixed industrial scanners that are mounted on the front of a forklift between its tines. When the forklift approaches a pallet, the scanners can automatically read labels and transmit the captured data to the onboard computer, saving time, reducing read errors and misloads, and improving loading efficiency and shipping volume.

Scan Tunnels

Wherever packages are moving, scanners mounted in scan tunnels can capture and verify data from multiple points without slowing down your processes. Scan tunnels improve tracking and increase sorting throughput by utilizing integrated lighting, multiple connectivity options, Aurora Focus software support, and a comprehensive set of features for track and trace applications. The FS40 fixed industrial scanner offers a cost-effective, intuitive option for capturing barcodes and character data while performing visual inspections.

Zebra fixed scanner

Packing Benches

Zebra fixed mount scanner

Fixed industrial scanners and print technology deliver hands-free code reading for quick and accurate decoding and verification of package labels. Fully optimized for modern logistics environments, packing benches can deliver a more streamlined experience while allowing employees to work up to 33% faster. Boxes are simply placed beneath a fixed FS10 or FS40 scanner, which will flash green and beep, providing visible and audible cues for successful decodes.

Zebra Machine Vision vs Traditional Scanning Systems

Aurora software

Traditional scanning systems tend to be bulky and can require multiple readers to capture barcodes at different heights. Zebra uses machine vision and fixed scanning with a combination of Aurora™ deep learning-based optical character recognition (OCR) automation software.

With the Aurora™ Deep Learning-Based OCR Tool, font training becomes redundant, as the tool delivers reliable, accurate reads without having to train numerous different texts or fonts. The tool leverages state-of-the-art techniques based on artificial intelligence that allow novices to quickly and easily set up highly accurate text recognition and character reading  applications.

Fixed industrial scanners feature a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection to simplify cabling and a liquid lens to eliminate manual focusing. Paired with robust software that includes deep-learning-based tools, your business can install and deploy the comprehensive solution with ease. Get everything you need to move products through storage and fulfillment operations faster and drive production performance.

Zebra is a Company with a Future Forward Vision

Zebra’s Machine Vision takes barcode label verification scanning to a whole new level, increasing throughput, elevating quality and accuracy, and lowering overall costs. Zebra Technologies is an expert in the barcoding technology field with rigorous testing of their own products and is one of the largest converters of barcode labels in the USA.

As you move towards a smarter future in industrial and non-industrial applications, Zebra creates intelligent options for your company to choose from that are easy to install, easy to manage, and require minimal maintenance. The equipment generally does not take up much more space than that which is already used.

With 34+ years of experience and integration capabilities, Imprint Enterprises is a Premiere Solution Partner and authorized Machine Vision Partner with Zebra, with specialists to help you determine what your business needs to step forward while considering future possibilities. At Imprint, every client is about building a lasting relationship to facilitate client growth and future sustainability.

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