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Autobag™ 500™ and 550™ Bagging System

The Autobag 500 and 550 bagging systems are the industry’s leading automatic filling and sealing machines. Now available through Imprint Enterprises, the breakthrough design of the 500 and 550 bagging system delivers exceptional machine uptime at an affordable cost. The flexibility of these innovative solutions, combined with their superior functionality, enable these systems to address the needs of any packaging operation.

Created with an inherently safe design, these hand-load machines are configurable, offering both left- and right- hand access to the HMI, and are intrinsically easy to learn and simple to operate, streamlining packaging operations and improving productivity.

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Autobag 500 Benefits and Applications

The Autobag 500 bagger is a highly advanced bagging system capable of cycling at rates over 100 bags per minute. Designed specifically for efficient and safe hand-load operations, this system requires no light curtains or double palm switches. The AutoTouch Control Screen provides access to operator tutorials and performance monitoring, as well as on-board diagnostics and modular components for easy maintenance. The adjustable height and pass-through, as well as the compact footprint and 45 degree tilt option enable this feature-rich system to be utilized comfortably in any space.

Common Applications:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Apparel and accessory packaging
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Hardware and fasteners
  • Healthcare
  • Hobby and craft
  • Household products
  • Personal products
  • Pet products
  • Toys
Autobag 500

Autobag 550 Benefits and Applications

The state-of-the-art engineering of the Autobag 550 bagger provides a reliable, flexible, and safe bagging system that optimizes packaging throughput while minimizing cost of ownership. Capable of cycling at speeds up to 45 bags per minute, this system is built for fast, efficient packaging operations, and is complete with next-bag-out printing technology, preventing product queuing and reducing waste. This revolutionary new autobagging system is highly-adjustable, and can easily integrate with third-party systems.

Common Applications:

  • Mail order fulfillment
  • Prescription-by-mail fulfillment
  • Catalog order fulfillment
  • Spare parts distribution
  • Short-run production with frequent changeovers in any market

Reduce Shipping Costs

Switching from boxes to bags will eliminate the many considerations that come into play when determining shipping costs and will substantially cut those costs. With corrugated input costs steadily increasing and dimensional weight changes, it’s time to streamline packaging operations and save money on shipping.

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