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Autobag™ PaceSetter PS 125™ Table Top Bagger

The Autobag PaceSetter PS 125 is one of the most innovative auto-bagging solutions on the market. This high-quality automatic bagger and sealer gives low- to mid-volume packaging operators the efficiency and versatility needed to improve packaging operations, achieve optimal production, and reduce costs. With its convenient tabletop design, and fast operating speed, capable of handling up to 25 bags per minute, this hand-load machine offers a simple and effective solution to meet your business needs. The Autobag PS 125 is innovative and user-friendly, complete with the AutoThread feature, which provides users with locking turntable links for easy handling and bag changeover.

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Benefits of the Autobag PaceSetter PS 125

Warehouse automation solutions are ideal for businesses looking to increase efficiency and reduce cost. These hand-load machines provide a wide array of advantages to low- to mid-volume packaging operations:

  • Reduced space: Compact design and all-electric system requires less space to run and is ideal for low- to mid-volume packaging operations
  • Safe operations: Open loading area and controlled seal bar maximize loading flexibility and operator safety
  • More productivity: Automatic or manual operating modes and on-board system diagnostics enable optimum productivity
  • Increased efficiency: Operator-friendly controls store jobs for later recall and locking turntable and AutoThread feature provide easy bag access and changeover
  • Simplified maintenance: On-board system diagnostics and tilt-back printhead make the printer easier to maintain
  • Improved accuracy: Next-bag-out printing feature ensure accuracy and eliminates product queuing in order fulfillment applications
  • Great print quality: High resolution printing of graphics, text, and barcodes directly on the bag
Autobag PaceSetter PS 125

Recommended Applications for the Autobag PaceSetter PS 125

While packaging is common in a wide array of industries, many business owners still do not think twice about how their current packaging operations could be slowing them down and reducing efficiency. However, we provide auto-bagging solutions that can benefit just about any industry and application:

  • Automotive and appliance parts
  • Hardware and DIY
  • Electrical and electronic
  • Plumbing and heating
  • Hobby and craft
  • Product fulfillment
  • Jewelry and novelty items
  • Cosmetics and beauty aids
  • Disposable health care
  • Mail order fulfillment
  • E-commerce fulfillment
Autobag PaceSetter PS 125

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