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Cognex DataMan 2-D Data Matrix Verifiers

Productivity and accuracy shouldn’t suffer due to an error in printing and labeling. Barcode verification and validation is critical in the automatic identification process. Cognex’s DataMan® barcode verifiers are available for every step of the direct part marking (DPM) process from quality verification to data validation. Critical to product traceability, DataMan products are dependable and provide world-class quality control for applications that require the highest read rates for 2D data matrix codes. Cognex offers handheld and fixed-mount verifiers to meet your unique application needs.

Cognex Barcode Verifiers
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Quality Verification and Data Validation

Cognex DataMan 2-D Data Matrix Verifiers come packaged in fully integrated designs that include lighting, camera, positioning, and software. Cognex barcode verifiers will assist you in ensuring compliant 2D barcodes that meet the industry’s 2D code quality standards. All of Cognex’s barcode are user friendly and provide maximum flexibility whether you’re using the handheld or fixed-mount models.

Cognex Barcode Verifiers

Cognex DataMan 2-D Data Matrix Verifier Features:

DataMan barcode verifiers come in both handheld and fixed mount models, ensuring barcodes meet quality standards in every application.

  • DataMan 8600V Series: These handheld verifiers offer 30-degree dark field lighting and are best for verifying nameplates and other flat parts. Illumination is uniform. Results are reliable and compliant with the AIM DPM Quality Guideline 2006-1.
  • DataMan 100 Verification System: These fixed-mount verifiers can be mounted to a fixed location or to an optional, adjustable stand. This product offers flexible lighting options with adjustable 30/45-degree low angle lighting and 90-degree DOAL lighting. This solution will allow you to verify codes with cell sizes as small as 7.5 mils. to code sizes as large as 1 inch or 28 mm, and it is ISO 15426-2 compliant. It features effortless set up with integrated 1/O, power, and lightning quick connect cable.
Cognex Barcode Verifiers

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