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Color Label Printer

Color label printers are used by all types of businesses to create labels in-house. These printers enable you to print barcodes, packaging and mailing labels, and even labels to help organize your internal operations. There is truly a model to fit every need — whether commercial or industrial in applications such as transportation, supply chain, manufacturing, or food labeling. You can also choose from an array of color, resolution, and media options.

Color Label Printer: Imprint Enterprises
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How to Choose the Right Color Label Printer

With so many color label printer options available, it’s helpful to narrow the choices by looking for features that are ideal for your business. Imprint Enterprises can help you sort through all of the choices to find the right printer based on your specific needs. You should consider whether your business:

  • Requires special colors for your logo or other images
  • Needs to use special media for your labels (Imprint Enterprises offers paper, polyester, Kimdura, polypropylene, polyolefin, and more).
  • Prints small labels or labels with special characters that require a high print resolution
  • Needs a fast print speed to generate a large number of labels
  • Requires a specific programming language for your labels
  • Needs durable label images that are scratch and smudge resistant

You also have a choice between color label printers that connect to a network computer or standalone color label printers that can operate without connecting to a PC. When it comes to color label printers, on-site service plans or a spare-in-the-air 24-hour replacement plan can be vital to businesses operating at peak efficiency.

Color Label Printer: Imprint Enterprises

Selecting a Color Label Printer that Suits Your Operation

Color label printers also have features that allow them to work seamlessly within your operation. Available features include:

  • A compact design for areas where space is limited
  • Keypad or touchscreen entry
  • User interface display that can include tutorials and help function
  • Tool-free print head and platen replacement
  • Multiple connectivity options, including wireless
  • Energy saving features
Color Label Printer: Imprint Enterprises

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