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Protect Your Products with Fromm Airpad Packaging Machines

When you ship, or send your product through the mail, you need to know that it arrives undamaged. After all, it’s your reputation on the line. Imprint Enterprises is a trusted dealer of Fromm Airpad packaging machines, a leading name in the business.

We can help you find the right comprehensive solution for all your void fill and protective packaging needs. With the Fromm AP100 and AP150, Imprint Enterprises has what you need to protect your products as they leave your facility.

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Fromm Packaging Machines

Fromm AP 100 Air Pillow Model

The AP 100 pillow model is ideal for any situation where you need the void fill, in a box. This is ideal when the box is significantly larger than the product. This packing machine comes in a compact size, making it a versatile option for any packaging operation. This machine comes free from Imprint Enterprises, with the only expense being the plastic materials.

It is user friendly with a simple-to-use control panel and an easy-to-load compartment for plastics. The AP 100 is a durable and reliable option that will help you keep your packaging operation streamlined for years to come.
The AP 100 is designed for decentralized use. Below are a few more of the benefits you’ll realize with the AP 100:

    • Wide selection of pillow patterns, film types, and film thickness
    • Silent hopper operation
    • Foot switch available
    • Automatic replenishment
    • Front and side photocells enable automatic use
    • Efficient technical support

The system can be installed free standing or against a wall.

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Fromm AP 150 Bubble On Demand

The Fromm AP 150 bubble on demand is ideal for when you need to wrap a fragile item, like a bottle. It comes with a small footprint for easy integration into your warehouse. It uses a built-in air supply and is capable of handling 59 feet per minute of packaging. The AP 150 is free from Imprint Enterprises, with the only cost being the materials necessary for operation.

A photo eye on the machine can help to control the start and stop. The AP 150 offers companies a reliable solution for their packaging needs that can last long into the future.

Some other benefits of using the AP 150 in your business include:

    • A long-lasting but easily replaceable belt system
    • Easy to load
    • Packaging bins
    • Built in or external blower
    • Wide range of available packaging films
    • Reduces material handling

Your Packaging Machine Solution

You put a lot of time and effort into the products that you sell. It’s important to consider the packaging to assure that they arrive safely at their destination. Imprint Enterprises proudly sells the Fromm AP 100 and AP 150 packaging machines as a trusted brand within the industry. We proudly stock the replacement plastics needed for both Fromm models.

We have the experience and expertise to help you find the right system for your business. If you have any questions or would like to talk about your packaging needs, contact us today!

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