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Dolphin™ CK65

Give your operation the workhorse it needs. Built with the workers in mind, the CK65 mobile computer is a step up from the already-popular ergonomic design of the CK3X/R model. The CK65 provides exceptional data capture in a user-friendly form, with touchscreen and keypad data input, real-time connectivity, and a rugged construction.

An optional scan handle is also available to allow workers to switch between handheld and pistol grip operation, depending on their needs. This empowers workers to improve accuracy and productivity levels, without sacrificing ergonomics.

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Mobility Edge Platform and Extended Product Lifecycle

Built on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™ platform, the CK65 helps your operation with easy OS migration and simple deployments. Windows is ending support for its mobile computers, and industrial operations are migrating to Android enterprise solutions for their superior usability and innovative form factors.

Mobility Edge makes the transition much simpler by providing an integrated, repeatable, scalable approach for fast deployment, better performance, and extended lifecycle management. Maximize your return on investment and lower the overall total cost of ownership with the extended product lifecycle across Android™.

The Mobility Edge effectively removes any constraints surrounding integration and inflexible technologies, without sacrificing enterprise security, reliability, performance or management features. Going even further to meet enterprise needs, the CK65 mobile computer is validated by Android Enterprise Recommended, a Google-led initiative that helps businesses select, deploy, and manage Android devices and services.

Future-Proof Features

Maximize your return on your investment and discover your operation’s potential for increased productivity with the CK65 mobile computer’s impressive set of features:

  • Support for four generations of Android OS, starting with Android 8
  • Security updates available for up to two years after the last Google patch through Honeywell sentinel
  • Large touchscreen, available in 38-key numeric keypad with function keys, or 51-key alphanumeric keypad
  • Support for both legacy key-centric applications and newer touch applications
  • Rugged durability built for tough environments
  • Capable of withstanding multiple 8’ drops to concrete, and 2,000 3.3’ tumbles.
  • IP64 ratings against dust and water spray
  • Scanning capabilities: Honeywell N6703 Slim Imager Engine (1D/2D); Honeywell EX20 Near/Far Imager (1D/2D, 6” to 50’); Honeywell Scanning SDKs for Android

For more information about navigating OS migration, or how the Honeywell Dolphin™ CK65 mobile computer can improve your operation, contact Imprint today!

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