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HandJet EBS-260 Portable Printer

The HandJet EBS-260 is the future of innovative portable printing. This portable printer enables easy and fast inking on surfaces traditionally not suited to labels, such as corrugated paper, film, foil, glass, metal, concrete, and lumber. Laser guidance is built-in for the precise positioning of messaging. The point-and-shoot laser target is easy to follow, maximizing productivity and workflow, and minimizing imprinting errors.

The HandJet EBS-260 uses environment resistant, quick-drying and application-specific inks in many different colors. Plus, clean up and maintenance is made easy with a cleaning cartridge. Simply install and in seconds, any remaining ink will be flushed from the system.

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The Next Generation of Portable Ink-jet

With double the print height, 32 dots at up to 2.2 inches, the EBS-260 will provide one to four separate lines of code. This doubles the available print height and enables the printing of detailed messages and images including logos and 2D barcodes. With four narrow dot rows, up to four separate lines can be printed in a single, hand-held pass.

The Next Generation of Portable Ink-jet

Easy Printing Adjustments and Maximum Efficiency

The ink cartridge is able to hold 200,000 characters in a 7×5 matrix. Printing adjustments are easy to make on the fly with an on-board, touch-screen controller. The 3.5 inch, hardened color touch-screen controller allows the user to view the message being printed as well as various operational parameters. The easy-to-read screen also makes for quick adjustment of print parameters, ensuring ideal printing results without interrupting work flow.

The unit’s handgrip is comfortable and well-balanced, designed with weight distribution and ergonomics in mind, ensuring maximum efficiency for workers.

Easy Printing Adjustments and Maximum Efficiency

HandJet Connectivity

With various connectivity options, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB, communicating with the HandJet EBS-260 is easy. Users can also operate the unit through the Firefox browser using the newest software versions of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android.

For more information about the HandJet EBS-260, download the brochure.

HandJet Connectivity

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