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Honeywell Thor VM2

Superior Application Development and Integration Capability

Honeywell’s Thor VM2 builds on the success of its best-in-class VM1, combining several of the VM1’s breakthrough design components with enhanced flexibility. The powerful mobile computer is built for easy application development and system integration, with a 9.7 inch XGA display screen and programmable multifunction keys and connectivity options.

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Harsh Working Conditions are no Match for Design Innovation

The VM2’s modular components let you choose the options you need to complete the tasks at hand — even in the most extreme working conditions. Ideally suited for warehouse, port and yard process automation, the Honeywell Thor VM2’s Smart Dock allows you to move the unit from one forklift to another in seconds so you never miss a transaction. A replaceable front panel combines the most frequently damaged components — the keyboard and touchscreen — into one and gives you the ability to swap it out on the go. An ignition control function allows you to set the computer to sleep or standby while the forklift or other material-moving vehicle is turned off, reducing drain on the vehicle’s battery.

The Honeywell Thor VM2 is a mid-sized mobile computer that runs on Microsoft Windows CE 6.0, Windows 7 Pro, Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows Embedded Standard 2009 operating systems and is compatible with popular industry applications including Honeywell RFTerm TE.

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Honeywell Thor VM2 Product Features

  • 9.7 inch XGA display screen and programmable multifunction keys
  • WLAN and WWAN connectivity
  • Available with a range of Windows platforms and compatibility with industry applications,
  • Field-replaceable front panel allows you to service the most frequently damaged components — touchscreen and keyboard yourself on the go, using only a screwdriver
  • Quick Mount Smart Dock allows you to disconnect the computer from the power supply and change vehicles in 1/6 the normal time
  • Ignition control feature allows users to set computer to standby or hibernate after a vehicle is turned off, reducing drain on the vehicle’s battery
  • Optional screen blanking for maximum safety while driving
  • Heavy-duty construction to withstand vibrations created by forklifts and other material-moving vehicles, earning an iP66 sealing rating against moisture and dust
  • Optional screen defroster is perfectly suited for cold storage or inclement weather
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