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Industrial Weigh Scales

Accurate industrial weigh scales are critical to every manufacturing environment’s bottom line.

Imprint Enterprises partners with Rice Lake Weighing Systems to provide state-of-the-art industrial weigh scale technology. A leader in creating manufacturing weighing solutions since 1946, Rice Lake creates high-quality products designed to increase efficiency and speed up processes. Designed from stainless steel, Rice Lake weigh scales are NSF certified and able to withstand daily sanitary washdowns. Imprint offers a line of Rice Lake scales including platform scales, counting scales, bench scales, and floor scales.

Industrial Weigh Scales
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Imprint Enterprises: Your Partner in Scale Integration Solutions for Label Data Collection

Your business demands that your scale solutions integrate with your printing solutions and overall infrastructure. Imprint Enterprises possesses the know-how and experience to guide you through your scale solution selection and integration process. Our industry and product knowledge allow us to customize your scale integration solution to your enterprise’s needs.

Industrial Weigh Scales

Scales for Rugged Environments and Applications

Platform scales: Platform scales have a larger weighing surface than regular bench scales. This allows platform scales to be suitable for a wide range of weighing applications and environments.

  • Counting scales: Counting scales are useful for accurately inventorying and counting large quantities of small parts. Counting scales also perform other tasks, for example division and multiplication based on the internal resolution.
    • For example: DIGI® DC-782 Series Portable Counting Scale
  • Bench scales: Ideal for shipping and receiving applications, bench scales are well-equipped for general materials handling needs and weight-based assembly processes.
    • For example: BenchPro™ Series Shipping & Postal Digital Scale
  • Floor scales: Built tough to take the abuse of harsh manufacturing environments, floor scales are hardy enough to handle weighing pallets, steel, and semi-trucks.
    • For example: Rough Deck® HP Floor Scale
Scales for Rugged Environments and Applications
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