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Intermec PC23d

Designed For Speed, Reliability

With its fast operating capability and low cost, the Intermec PC23d 2-inch-wide direct thermal printer is your top option for reliable, light-duty printing. The PC23d offer the fastest throughput in its class, at up to 8 inches per second. In addition, its 10-language LCD or Icon-graphics user interface, modular design, and ability to be quickly configured with a USB flash drive make it a snap to install, use, and support. User-installable connectivity options and accessories, such as an Ethernet 10/100 Mbps module, dual radio module (802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth ® V2.1), USB to Serial adapter (RS-232), and USB to Parallel adapter, ensure that the PC23d will fit your thermal label printing needs today and as your business grows.

Mobile Label Printer: Imprint Enterprises
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A Versatile Solution for Many Printing Jobs

The PC23d is purpose-built for applications in manufacturing, SMB, and healthcare environments. It’s versatile enough to handle a broad range of printing tasks in each application; for example, to generate labels of all sizes, even high-quality labels for small items. In addition to printing text, barcodes, and graphics in all four orientations, the PC23d minimizes downtime and supports a high degree of productivity by providing remote status updates. Graphical back-lit icon indicators let you know when such problems as an open cover, paper outage, or general errors have occurred, as well as when the PC23d needs maintenance or its thermal printhead is too hot. Indicators also bolster productivity and afford control by displaying such critical information as print data status by informing you when the printer is ready to operate. Full programmability allows you to add a keyboard or scale, in turn taking productivity to a higher level.

Mobile Label Printer: Imprint Enterprises

PC23d Product Specifications

  • One-handed media loading
  • Fastest throughput in its class, at 8 inches per second
  • Rapid configuration with USB flash drive
  • Fast, user-friendly, complete printer emulation, including comprehensive ZSim2 ZPL-II®
  • User-installable connectivity and upgrades
  • Modular IT-friendly design
  • Remote status updates
  • Fully programmable, with ability to add a keyboard or scale
  • Standard memory of 128 MB Flash, 128 MB RAM (DDR2); optional memory of up to 32 GB via user USB thumb drive
  • Supports user-defined fonts and graphic formats, including BMP, GIF, PCX, and PNG
Mobile Label Printer: Imprint Enterprises

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