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Label Applicators

Label applicators automate the process of applying labels to your products, shipping cartons, or other items. They help you reduce labor costs, labeling errors, unreadable barcodes, and interruptions to your operations. There is a wide range of automated label applicator solutions, from semi-automatic to high-speed, high-accuracy label applicators that can be integrated into your production lines. You can choose from applicators that choose pre-printed labels and offer faster application speeds or on-demand, print and apply models. Imprint Enterprises works with you to provide the ideal automated labeling solution for your operation, whether off-the-shelf or custom-engineered.

Label Applicators: Imprint Enterprises
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Choose the Right Label Applicators for Your Business

A variety of label applicators are available for you to choose from, and you need to take a number of factors into account to find the one that’s right for your operation. Imprint Enterprise’s experienced team can help you narrow your choices and select an automated label applicator that meets your operation’s specific needs, evaluating options based on parameters such as:

  • Required application method for the product or label type (e.g., merge, blow-on or tamp-blow)
  • How many labels must be applied per minute
  • Whether the application requires a right-handed or left-handed configuration
  • Whether items will be labeled on the top, side or bottom
  • Use with conveying or diverting
  • The label type and size and the label roll size does the applicator needs to accommodate
  • Integration with other business systems

Imprint Enterprises will also help you find the right label printing automation software for your label applicator that enables you to store label designs in a label library, print from the Web, manage enterprise-wide printing, and perform label reprint for sequential numbering applications.

Label Applicators: Imprint Enterprises

Features that Enhance Your Operations

Automated label applicator models also offer various features that enhance performance, accuracy, and usability: Features can include:

  • Speeds up to 3,000 inches per minute
  • On-demand print, serialization, and date coding
  • Secondary unwind and vacuum takeaway
  • Label sensors
  • Intuitive operator interface with self-diagnostic platform and setup features
  • Built-in barcodes and alpha-numeric fonts and a range of print resolutions
  • Provisions to handle custom-size and custom-shaped labels
Label Applicators: Imprint Enterprises

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