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Zebra Certified Print Supplies for Optimal Operational Efficiency Across Industries

Dependable print supplies have a broad impact on your organization’s operational efficiency. Durable and readable labels ensure that your product moves seamlessly through the warehouse and throughout the supply chain.

Imprint Enterprises is proud to be a distributor for Zebra print supplies. Zebra products are made from the highest quality materials and undergo a 23-point inspection to ensure premium craftsmanship.

We partnered with Zebra to provide the highest quality products for our customers. Zebra is the number one printer manufacturer in the world, and their ribbons and labels are specifically designed to work in their printers. They are an industry leader in print supplies and put a high level of care into every label, tag, and ribbon that they produce. They carry a broad selection of stock and custom labels designed to fit your specific need.

Dependable Printing Supplies Across A Variety of Industries

Get the Most Out of Your Printing with Zebra Products from Imprint Enterprises

Custom printing products from a trusted resource can make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping your organizational efficiency intact. Imprint Enterprises carries a large selection of custom labels, tags, and other printing products designed for a variety of industries. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business!

Transportation and Logistics – High volume and fast shipping puts an increasing amount of pressure on the transportation and logistics industry. Zebra labels can help you eliminate mistakes caused by printing, and improve on business-critical tasks. This makes them an excellent choice for transportation and logistics labeling.

Medical Device Product Labeling – Zebra labels are tested to ensure that they will withstand hospital cleaning agents, while staying affixed to the product. These labels all fall within UDI regulations. This makes them an excellent choice for medical device labeling.

Medical Laboratory Labeling – According to a study of 120 healthcare institutions, nearly 56 percent of identification errors in the lab were caused by specimen labeling errors. High-quality labeling equipment is critical for proper diagnosis and help to ensure that patients get the right treatments at a critical time.

Food and Beverage Labeling – Food sales rely on printing supplies and labels with a durable adhesive, dependable scannability, and quality inks. Zebra products go through extensive testing and are ideal for food and beverage labeling.

Retail Labeling – Retailers require the best in printing supplies in order to able to quickly move product through warehouses and the supply chain. Quality, pre-tested supplies manufactured by a thermal labeling expert become critical, and that’s where Zebra can help.

Label and Tag Materials with a Broad Range of Capability

Zebra has pretested more than 300 materials and customization capabilities to ensure that label and tag products meet your custom application, including:

  • Custom sizes and shapes
  • Preprinted text, graphics, or logos
  • Flood-coated color
  • Up to 12 water-based colors and 8 UV colors
  • PMS color matching
  • Security inks
  • Perforations, face slits, and back slits
  • Front and backside printing
  • Rolls or fan-fold
  • Adhesive deadening and spot coating
  • Laminating
  • Pre-printing

Free Freight with Zebra Certified Supplies

If you purchase custom Zebra labels from Imprint Enterprises, you will receive free freight for the order! This offer also includes free dies on all new labels. Take advantage of this offer to reduce label costs for your business!

Zebra Printhead Protection Program

Using Zebra Certified Supplies exclusively also means that all of your failed printheads will be replaced at no charge. Learn more about Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program.

Zebra Genuine Supplies Finder

Need some assistance figuring out which media is right for your Zebra printer?  Use our Zebra Genuine Supplies Finder Tool.

Get more information about Zebra Certified Labels and Tags