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Microscan LVS® Barcode Verifiers

Ensure that your 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes, or direct part marks (DPM) are the strongest links in your supply chain process. If your enterprise is responsible for delivering readable codes according to industry standards and specifications, Microscan LVS barcode verifiers are your solution for 100% accuracy and repeatability. Unlike barcode scanners, which validate that a code will scan on a specific reader, barcode verifiers are precise instruments for determining the quality of your barcode encryptions and how they measure up to industry standards. Verifiers identify potential problems in print or read quality and provide user-friendly comprehensive reports to guide corrections. With Microscan LVS products, you’ll ensure the accurate scanability of your symbologies the first time, every time.

Microscan LVS® Barcode Verifiers
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Accurate and Reliable Verification to Application Standards

Barcode verifiers are the only solution to predicting readability of your labels and DPM further down the supply chain. Failed barcodes lead to manufacturing errors and production downtime, as well as potential human error through manual data entry. With some companies issuing fines to manufacturers for shipments received with unreadable barcode symbols, barcode verification has never been more crucial to a cost-effective and productive supply chain process. Microscan’s verifiers save your warehouse time and money and are the only way to certify regulatory compliance. Microscan LVS products verify to over 20 global application standards, including UDI, GS1, HIBC, USPS, and ISO/IEC 15414/15416, and 30 symbology types.

Microscan LVS Barcode Verifiers

Microscan LVS® Barcode Verifiers Features:

The Microscan LVS series offers a variety of fully-integrated solutions for off-line barcode verification to ISO/IEC standards that best supports your operation, business objectives and budget.

  • LVS-9510 Desktop Barcode Verifier: This desktop system is the most complete solution for easily verifying common symbologies without any change of equipment. It also provides optimal compliance for GS1 US to medical device manufacturers and all other FDA regulated industries.
  • LVS-9570 Wide Area Barcode Verifier: For verifying large 1D and 2D symbology, this lightweight, simple solution is the most reliable handheld on the market.
  • LVS-9580 Handheld Barcode Verifier: This high-performance handheld solution verifies any combination of linear, 2D, and stacked linear barcode types and DPM.
  • LVS-9585 Handheld Barcode Verifier: The most complete handheld solution offering advanced lighting options enabling users to auto-find DPM within the verifier field of view and select the ideal lighting type for the material. 
  • VMI Software: This verification monitoring interface (VMI) plug-in for AutoVISION provides a user-friendly interface for verification of 1D inline printed or laser-etched barcodes on a flat surface.  Helps save on printer maintenance costs by using data to analyze conditions, like clogged print heads.
  • Barcode Verification Kits: Choose from three, convenient, all-in-one packages to tackle the most common in-line or off-line verification needs. All kits include Vision HAWK smart camera and lens, AutoVISION software with Verification addition, NERLITE Smart Series light, and mounting hardware.
Microscan LVS® Barcode Verifiers

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