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Mobile Terminals and Computers

Mobile computers and terminals are a vital component of any wireless infrastructure because their mobility and ruggedness allow them to be taken wherever employees need to go.

They are also ideal for collecting data, accessing customer information, and completing business transactions at the point of activity. Imprint Enterprises' experts can recommend the right barcode terminal or scanner for your application and environment Our line of rugged mobile computers includes traditional keypad handheld computers, rugged tablets, wearable computers, wireless Android devices, and vehicle-mount devices.

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Imprint Enterprises: Your Partner in Advanced Mobility

Your customers, the marketplace, and your business are on the move. You can’t stand still. At Imprint Enterprises, we track, test, and deploy the most advanced solutions for your mobile workforce. We partner with mobility technology leaders, like Zebra and Honeywell to ensure the quality, reliability, and peak performance you expect. But Imprint Enterprises’ value extends far beyond the products we sell. Our industry and product knowledge enable us to customize your mobility solution: Application development, deployment and training, maintenance, service, supplies, and repair, both on-site and in our repair depot. From mobile workstations to power carts, mobile scanners, computers, and printers, Imprint Enterprises is your single resource to mobilize your workforce in the most efficient, effective, and affordable way.

Handheld Terminals

Our selection of leading handheld devices includes Motorola's MT2000 Series batch computers, Honeywell Dolphin series computers, Motorola MC3100, MC65, MC75, MC-9000 Series, and many others. These standard data collection terminals feature a variety of keypad configurations, support for multiple wireless technologies, barcode scanning and RFID capabilities, and other features.

Rugged Computers

For the most extreme operating environments, we provide rugged terminals that are Intrinsically Safe (I-Safe) and are IP 65/67 rated against dust, moisture, and other contaminates. We also offer devices specifically designed for cold chain and freezer operations (with some models built to operate in temperatures below -22°F) and for applications in which workers move between cold and warm environments.

Vehicle-Mount Terminals

We also offer an equally diverse selection of wireless and batch vehicle-mount computers, including popular lines like Honeywell's Marathon, VX, and Thor series, and Motorola's VC5090 and VC6096 devices. The rugged computers are available in full-screen and half-screen configurations, come with support for multiple operating systems (Win CE, Win 7), and offer a variety of mounting options. Imprint also provides mobile device management software for centralized support, along with full service and repair (both onsite and depot) for the computers.

Wireless infrastructure

Imprint provides a full-suite of wireless network infrastructure hardware and services, including:

  • Access points
  • Controllers
  • Site surveys
  • Installation
  • Training and support
  • Service and repair
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