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Newcastle Mobile Power Carts

Create a More Efficient Work Environment with Newcastle Powered Industrial Carts

When workers are walking from point A to point B, you lose money. Endless trips to the computer, printer, or to retrieve other necessary technology add up in lost time. Newcastle powered industrial carts are available through Imprint Enterprises, and they bring increased efficiency to the warehouse environment.

These carts serve as complete mobile worksites that allow employees to take on their most immediate tasks uninterrupted, allowing them to often double their output. These carts are ideal for work in a variety of industries, including:

    • Warehouse
    • Retail
    • Manufacturing

We also have you covered if you’re looking for Newcastle power sources, or accessories as well.


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What’s Included on a Cart

Newcastle carts can be customized to meet the demands of your unique work environment – no matter the industry. Below are some of the standard features.

Productivity Platform – The top of the cart offers a work surface for whatever job needs to be completed. There is space for a keyboard and monitor mount, giving warehouse employees more computing power.

Plenty of Storage Space – You may choose to store PC components, printers, or scanners on your carts. Newcastle carts offer modular flexibility with a vast array of options, so that employees maintain access to what they need.

Power Options – The lower rack of the cart leaves plenty of space for power options. However long you need to be mobile, you have the space to store the power options that will have you covered for longer.

A Variety of Powered Cart Options

LT Series – These are Newcastle’s most compact carts for modest mobile setups. They are ideal for laptops or small printers.

EC Series – These full-size carts are ideal for smaller computers and basic tasks.

NB Series – These carts are popular for their versatility and offer users a high level of flexibility and value.

PC Series – These are the largest carts with a 400-pound carrying capacity, and plenty of shelf space.

APEX Series – These carts offer easy height adjustability designed to suit every user.

QC Series – Store anything you need on this cart, built with the manufacturing or quality testing industries in mind.

EcoCart Mobile Power Cart: Imprint Enterprises

The Benefits of Mobile Carts

Newcastle powered industrial carts offer significant benefits in the warehouse, retail, or manufacturing environment.

Increased Efficiency – Products make it from receiving to the storage shelves up to 60 percent faster when workers have everything they need at their fingertips.

Pay Less in Overtime – When employees can complete their daily tasks in less time, there’s up to 75 percent less overtime needed.

Reduce Mislabeling Errors – When employees have everything they need on location, they can input, print, and apply at the pallet. This reduces expensive mislabeling.

Untether Your Workforce – Your employees will no longer need to walk to the office printer or retrieve the scanner or mobile computer. With everything they need to get the job done at their fingertips, they have the freedom to be more productive right now.

No Infrastructure Changes Necessary – You can increase productivity and save your company money without any big, expensive infrastructure costs. There are predictable 6-month ROI and lifetime rewards for making the change.


Bring the Power of Mobility to Your Business Today

Newcastle powered industrial carts from Imprint Enterprises bring the power of mobility to your employees’ fingertips. You can reap the benefits of watching your workforce get more done in less time. Contact Imprint Enterprises today to find out more about how these carts can help you.

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