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RFID Hardware and Media

We offer leading RFID products for any application or industry and help you find the perfect solution.

We focus on providing customers in the manufacturing, distribution, contract packaging, and logistics industries with a multitude of RFID printers, readers, tags, and labels.  Our dedicated staff of experts offers customers unmatched, hands-on service throughout the purchasing and installation process, ensuring that the optimal solution is chosen for each and every business.

We understand the strict mandates some organizations must follow when it comes to certain applications or technologies, so we offer all of the RFID hardware necessary for the entire implementation process.  Even after RFID implementation is complete, Imprint goes the extra mile with an extensive selection of Package-ID and other consumable products.

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RFID Printers

Radio frequency identification (RFID) printers give businesses the power to implement instant, tangible improvements in accuracy, operating efficiency, and supply chain visibility.  Imprint has partnerships with virtually every manufacturer in the RFID marketplace, including Zebra Technologies and Datamax-O’Neil.  Despite these partnerships, Imprint remains brand agnostic and will only recommend the RFID printers that work best for your specific application.  Our range of RFID printers, which extends from mobile printers to high-output solutions, gives businesses complete inventory visibility when it comes to identifying, tracking, and managing assets throughout the supply chain.

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RFID Readers

Each aspect of an RFID solution is vital to its overall efficiency, but RFID readers tend to get the most attention.  Our goal is to provide customers with RFID readers that automate some of the more time consuming processes and provide insight into an entire organization’s operations.  Our selection of handheld readers, fixed readers, and reader antennas provide myriad options for businesses looking to take their efficiency to the next level.  Handheld RFID readers and mobile computers, in particular, have proven to be extremely valuable because they extend a network’s visibility beyond the four walls of a warehouse.  Our goal is to put you in complete control of your business’s operations, and RFID readers – specifically handheld readers – make that goal a reality.

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RFID Fixed and Mobile Readers: Imprint Enterprises

RFID Tags/Labels

RFID tags and labels are used in a wide variety of applications that require products or assets to be traced. Whether you need tags or labels for a non-threatening environment – or ones that can withstand extreme environments (including high or low temperatures and chemicals) – Imprint can meet your needs. We offer two main label types: direct thermal and thermal transfer.  Direct thermal labels are printed with a printhead applying heat when the label material passes over the printhead, producing an image. Thermal transfer labels are used with wax or resin ribbon to print images.  We offer a generous variety of colors, sizes, and material types of RFID labels in order to meet the needs of as many applications as possible.

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