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Rugged Handheld Computer

A rugged mobile computer increases your employees’ productivity and effectiveness by providing them with the ability to access information, collect data, and complete transactions. In harsh environments, you need rugged handheld computer built to perform in the most extreme conditions. These rugged mobile computers can be mounted on a vehicle, and they also provide ergonomic options to help individual workers use and carry them, such as with shoulder, wrist, or hand straps.

Rugged Handheld Computer: Imprint Enterprises
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Environmental Conditions to Consider

You should consider these factors when choosing a rugged handheld computer for your operations:

  • Temperature range: Determine the maximum and minimum temperature in which the computer will be used or stored. Make sure the rugged mobile computer you select can perform within this range.
  • Drop, tumble, and vibration ratings: Consider how prone the device will be to falling, tumbling, or shaking. Check product specifications for testing on the device to make sure it can continue to perform after these events if they are a possibility in your operations.
  • NEMA sealing: The National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) has standards that help define the type of environment the device enclosure is suited for. Consider your environment and make sure the computer’s enclosure is rated properly to protect it from infiltrates such as liquids, ice, and dust.
  • Intrinsically safe or Nonincendive rating: If the rugged handheld computer will be used in a potentially explosive atmosphere, such as environments with flammable gas or vapor, it must be rated “intrinsically safe” or “nonincendive,” certifying it will not cause ignition. Make sure the devices you are considering meet your operation’s requirements or industry regulations regarding these ratings.
Rugged Handheld Computer: Imprint Enterprises

Features That Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Investment

When selecting a rugged mobile computer, also consider users and their job functions and look for features that support the way your employees work. Ask questions such as:

  • Will this model perform well when employees are wearing gloves?
  • Will lighting conditions decrease the ability to read this model’s screen?
  • Are the speakers loud enough to facilitate voice functions?

Rugged handheld computers also offer a number of features that can help eliminate downtime, increase worker productivity, and keep operations running smoothly, such as extended battery life, connectivity options, upgradable scanners, and keyboard/keypad options.

Rugged Handheld Computer: Imprint Enterprises

Device Management

Imprint Enterprises offers industry-leading mobile device management software that keeps customers secure and optimizes the productivity of employees and their equipment.


In order to ensure that your handheld computers are working at peak efficiency, utilize our robust collection of services, like staging and deployment or equipment repair.


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