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Vehicle Mounted Computer

The vehicle operators in your warehousing, distribution, or transportation and logistics operations need computers that can help them accurately maximize throughput. A vehicle mount computer equips forklifts, cranes, yard mules and other vehicles with access to enterprise applications, enabling operators to be more productive. A vehicle mounted computer gives you mounting options to enable use in vehicles where space is limited, and vehicle mounted computers can be easily moved to different vehicles to accommodate maintenance or repairs.

Vehicle Mounted Computer: Imprint Enterprises
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How to Choose the Best Vehicle Mounted Computer for Your Operations

In addition to considering the operating system your applications require and whether you use terminal emulation, client-server, or Web applications, when selecting a vehicle mount computer you also need to answer these questions:

  • What are the requirements for the vehicle mounted computer to support my enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management system (WMS), inventory management, direct store delivery (DSD), or service applications?
  • Which activities and processes will the vehicle mount computer support, such as: receiving, picking, packing, shipping, replenishment, cross-dock, and work in process (WIP).
  • Will the vehicle mount computer be used inside or outside of our buildings?
  • Will Wi-Fi or WAN be required for the vehicle mount computer to connect to our network?
  • Does the vehicle mount computer need to withstand extreme environmental conditions, such as those associated with freezers, outdoor yards, airports, seaports, and railway yards?
Vehicle Mounted Computer: Imprint Enterprises

Vehicle Mount Computer Features that Boost Performance, Productivity, and Accuracy

You can also choose from features that address how your employees will use the computer. For example:

  • An ultra-bright display can help workers that use the computer in direct sunlight.
  • A choice of full screen, half screen, integrated keypad, or external keyboard options allow you to provide the functionality you need while taking space constraints into account.
  • Freezer-ready computers are equipped with heated screens, boards, and batteries. Sensors identify condensing circumstances.
  • Programmable keys are available to help simplify ERP or WMS multistep processes.
  • Long range scanning allows drivers to stay seated while completing tasks that involve scanning, vastly improving efficiency.
  • Ultra rugged vehicle mount computers hold up to the toughest environments to resist dust, dirt, water, drops, and vibrations.
  • Vehicle mounted computers can support voice, with volume control to make them easy to use in loud industrial environments.
  • Bar code scanning can be added with corded or cordless scanners.
Vehicle Mounted Computer: Imprint Enterprises

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